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The acceleration due to gravity from any given object decreases with distance from it. Specifically, gravity scales with the inverse of the square of the distance. That means, for example, if you double your distance, gravitational acceleration is reduced to a quarter of what it was. Most areas of space are quite empty, far from any massive objects, which means that acceleration due to gravity will be quite small. Conversely, some areas of space that are very near massive objects can have enormous gravitational acceleration.

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Why is the acceleration due to gravity in the space is low?

Gravity acceleration is not low in space but its the highest.But if you are saying about earth and asking that how astronauts are not attracted. Then that is because we go away from center of earth that attract us.You know that gravity work between two bodies.We also have gravitation pull in us but due to less mass ours is weak and earth's is great.

Do meteorites have atmosphere?

No. Any atmosphere would quickly escape into space, due to the low gravity.

How much gravity on planet Mars?

On Mars, there is low gravity, so there you could jump twice as high as you can on Earth. The acceleration due to gravity on mars is 3.71 m/s2, which is 0.379 times that of Earth. (The gravity on Earth is 2.64 times greater than the gravity on Mars.)

Why is there no sea on the moon?

Any sea would quickly evaporate, and go off into outer space, due to the Moon's low gravity.

How can you simulate space?

In a Vacuum.If you are trying to simulate low gravity, underwater.

What problems did astronauts have growing plants in low gravity?

Due to lack of gravity the roots grew upwards.

What are the seasons and cycles of an international space station?

Winter, Spring, Sumer and Autumn. The cycles are bicycles and motorcycles, but these are generally not used, due to their relative uselessness in low gravity.

What happpened to the tv show defying gravity?

It was canceled due to low ratings.

Does Mercury have any gravity?

Mercury does have gravity, but it has much less than the Earth. Mercury has relatively low gravity due to its relatively small mass.

What keeps a rocket from falling back to the surface or moving off into space?

because of gravity. In space there is a very low gravity that makes it hard for the rocket to fall back to the surface

Is there gravity where space shuttles orbit?

A very low level, called microgravity, that's a small fraction of normal gravity. Astronauts feel weightless, by comparison. Space shuttles orbit at a distance of 100-200 miles above the Earth. The shuttle is actually falling toward the Earth all the time, but the speed of its orbit keeps it from falling any closer. Don't confuse gravity with weight. The Earth's gravity extends to the outer reaches of the Solar System. Earth's gravity is what keeps the satellites which are orbiting the Earth from flying away into space. "Weight" is measure of the local acceleration due to gravity. When a person is in orbit, inside a shuttle, he is falling along with the shuttle at about 17,000 miles per hour. The mass of the shuttle and the mass of the person are attracting each other with 'micro-gravity' which is a million times less than the gravity of the Earth.

Does Jupiter have high gravity or low gravity?

he has high gravity because u will float in space or blow up without a mask It's 2.5 x that of Earth.

Low gravity on the moon?

Yes, relative to the earth's gravity, the gravity on the moon is low.

What is the gravity of the moon Io relative to earth's gravity?

The surface gravity on Io is very low compared to Earth, due to its low mass, around 0.183g or 18.3% of the Earths pull at the surface. this is just a little more than the surface gravity on our own moon, which is about 16.5% of earths pull.

Can a cigarette lighter be used in space?

A typical butane cigarette lighter would produce a flame in a low-gravity space ship. It would not produce a flame in the vacuum of space.

What do bed-rest studies have to do with space travel?

Bed rest mimics low (or micro) gravity situations.

What speed does an egg break at?

It is not the speed that breaks the egg. Rather, it is the force exerted on the egg due to acceleration when the egg hits some other object. An egg will break at a very low acceleration.

What generates the force of gravity?

Gravity is a force that occurs depending on the mass of a planet in a specific area of space. It is also affected by the rotation of the earth. The moon affects the earths gravity. That is why we have high and low tides in the ocean.

Why do they where space suits in space?

in space. Nevermind, the astronauts wear space suits because otherwise they would die due to the Sun's radiation and the extremely low temperatures in space. And because there isn't air in space.

What is the only animal in the world that can't swim?

Gorillas are the only animal in the world that can not swim. This is due to their low center of gravity.

How can you build a space shuttle to mars?

Due to the Space Shuttle's wings and rear stabilizer, a Space Shuttle cannot go beyond LEO (Low Earth Orbit).

Which planet has the weakest gravity?

Mars has the lowest surface gravity (0.376g), just a little lower than that of Mercury (0.38g). Although Mars is larger and more massive than Mercury, Mercury has a higher density, which effects the surface gravity. Mars has a lower gravity at the surface than Mercury, but overall, Mercury has the lowest gravity when looking at the space further out from the surface, due to its low mass. The mass of a body is related to the gravitational field strength of the body.

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