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An open-cut mine is more cost affective because you don't need as much equipment and explosives that a mine under ground.

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Q: Why is an open cut mine more cost effective?
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Why are copper mines operated on a large scale?

Usually the copper deposits are large, or located far beneath the topsoil. Thus, the most cost effective way to mine copper generally is in a large open pit mine.

Is gold expensive to mine?

mining does not cost money, so no, it does not. But, it can be sold at a high price to the grand exchange The cost of mining gold varies from mine to mine. For example, if the cost to mine it per ounce is $600 per ounce, it is profitable to mine when it trades much above that, but not profitable if it trades at that or at a lower price. At the price increases,it becomes profitable to open or re-open mines that that have a high mining cost-per-ounce.

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Did you ever get an answer for this? I had a neighbor open mine up with some wiring and manuevering. I just need it repaired now. What was the repair cost? Did you ever get an answer for this? I had a neighbor open mine up with some wiring and manuevering. I just need it repaired now. What was the repair cost?

What is the world's largest open mine?

The worlds largest open pit mine is the Kennecott copper mine in Utah. its is more than 2 3/4 miles across and more than 3/4 of a mile deep. The worlds largest mine? The Syncrude mine (the biggest mine in the world at 191 km2). Quite a bit larger than Kennecott.

If you heat with electric heat does it cost you more to leave the refrigerator door open during the summer since any lost energy goes into heat anyway?

it'll cost you more to keep your fridge open, since it is going into overtime to keep the interior cold. Also, the heat you get is going into the wall and may not be effective to heating the home like the cold air is effective at cooling the house. So you may pay extra. (It's more economical to leave it closed

What is the open mine in Helena Montana?

the Drumlummon Mine was open for a while, but it closed again.

When was Hambach open pit mine created?

Hambach open pit mine was created in 1978.

How much cost will take to open a Private FM station in Agartala?

If you have to ask, then it's more than you probably have in capital. If it's anything like the UK, you will have to contact the authority in charge of allocating radio bands. Have you thought about Internet Radio? Much more cost effective, and just as big an audience if you can attract them

What are the similarities between quarrying and mining?

Technically a quarry IS a mine. Usually open to the air, it is a mine where slate or building stone is excavated.

When is the mine open in harvest moon 64?

the mine is open in winter, the 8th to the 30th :D ENJOY!!

Is a quarry like a mine?

Mine is inside the ground.Quarry is on the ground.It is a open pit mine.

When might you use an open pit mine?

Whenever you have a massive ore deposit (approximately 20 million tonnes or more) that is not too narrow, steeply dipping, or deep. Studies are done to determine at what depth a certain orebody is more economic to mine underground than open pit.