Why is annex important?

Updated: 3/25/2024
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An annex can be important for expanding a country's territory, increasing resources, gaining strategic advantages, or resolving conflicts. It may also be used as a way to strengthen a country's influence and power on a global scale. However, annexation can also be controversial and can lead to geopolitical tensions or conflicts.

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Q: Why is annex important?
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What is an annex building?

An annex is an extension of or an addition to a building. A small room off of a main room is an annex, and attics are another type of annex.

What is the mathematical term for annex?

It is the same: annex.

When did Mexico annex Texas?

It did not annex Texas.

What is the possessive of annex?

The possessive form for the noun annex is annex's.Example: The expected date for the annex's completion is in July.

What is the noun for annex?

The word annex is both a noun (annex, annexes) and a verb (annex, annexes, annexing, annexed); for example: Noun: They built an annex to the hospital for outpatient services. Verb: We were able to annex the adjoining property for very little cost because it was abandoned by its owner.

How do you use the word annex in a sentence?

The word 'annex' functions as a noun or a verb.Example sentence for the noun 'annex' as subject of the sentence:The annex is located across the street from the main library.Example sentence for the noun 'annex' as direct object of the verb:The hospital added an annex to serve as an outpatient clinic.Example sentence for the verb 'annex':The US decided to annex Hawaii as a territory despite the dubious legality of the act.

What is correct spelling of annex?

"annex" is the correct spelling

What is the past tense of annex?

The past tense of annex is annexed.

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