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Well, black and white aren't technicly called "colors".

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Why is black and white TV is not colour TV when black is color and also white is color?

Because color TV uses ALL the colors, where as B&W tv only uses B&W

If black is a color white is a color then why is a black and white television not known as a color television?

Black and white are not colors; black is the combination of all colors and white is the absence of color. Color television has all the colors (red, orange, etc.), while black-and-white television is just in black, white, and gray.Correction: Black and white are not colours, they're shades. So a black and white tv is a not a colour tv.black and white are shades. Any colour that is not in the rainbow, such as pink, black and white are in fact not colours, but shades.

Black is color white is also a color but black and white is not a color TV. Why?

Neither black or white are actually colours. They aren't primary colours and you can't mix other colours to make them. So it's just a black and white TV. It becomes a colour TV when it, um, has colours.

Was Batman on TV in color or black and white?

It was broadcast in Color although if you still had a black and white TV in 1966 to 1968, it was of course in black and white.

If black and white are colors why is a black and white tv not a color tv?

Black and white are colors, but technically both can be the absence of color, or the total combination of colors. B&W television used shades of gray (although that might also qualify as a color). The term "color TV" means a "full spectrum of colors" rather than simply grays.

Why was tv in black and white?

It was originally developed in black and white because that is technologically simpler than a color television.

When were black and white television shows discontinued?

Black and white television were broadcast in this manner due to that fact that television sets could not display color versions. By the mid 1970s most television sets were color models and therefore black and white shows were discontinued.

Why did some TV series in the 1960's start out in black and white and then change to color?

They started out in black and white because at the time color TV was expensive.

What was the first color television show?

I guess black and white and grey but not good black and white and grey

Why is black and white TV not a color TV if black and white are color?

White is all of the colors combined. That's why you can see 7 different colors with a glass prism. Black is no color, because black material absorbs almost all the light that hits it. Black and white TV isn't color TV, because you don't see the blue, green, and red colors separately. Blue, green, and red are the very three colors that combine to make all the other colors that you see with your eyes. Black and white have intensity but no chroma or hue.

How could you see Oz in color on a Black and White TV in the 1960's?

You couldn't! The first bit of the film was done when there was only black and white tv and the second when color came out.

What is the difference between black and white TV and Color tv?

When Color Televisions first came out and Televisions were still available without color, they would be advertised that way for sale.

When was The Wizard of Oz first televised and was it in black and white or switched to color also?

It was first broadcast on television on Saturday, November 3, 1956. If you had a color TV set naturally it was in color but it was never "switched" to color. The movie was always in color.

What is the difference between colour TV and black and white TV?

A color picture is one that is in full-color where you can see all the different shades of colors...red, yellow, blue, green, etc. A black and white picture is only in shades of black, white and gray.

What 3 color lights does a projection TVs use?

The three color lights does a project TVs use are white,black,and i do not know the what is the third color

Why was Pleasantville black and white?

The movie Pleasantville was black and white because the protagonist was a fan of the TV show that the movie is named after. The show was from the 1950's, when there was not color TV yet. Therefore, when he and his sister were transported into the plot of the show, they were also surrounded by black and white. The plot involves their world slowly shifting to color as the characters are introduced to the ideas of social changes.

Is MASH in black and white or color?

The movie and Television shows are in color. There were a couple of episodes of the television show done in black & white to simulate a "news reel" as color was not used for such things during the United States' involvement in the Korean War.

Color tv has three colors--red blue green but how many which colors a black white tv has?

Black is not a color it is the absents of light so different shades of the white would give you grays.

Why was the black and white T.V made?

because TV could not be made in color that is why

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