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Why is blue considered a universal color?

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It is a primary color, found in the rainbow, and easy to create with natural materials such as indigo, etc.

2006-08-07 19:15:00
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Q: Why is blue considered a universal color?
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What color is the universal indicator in an alkali?


What color does borax turn in Universal indicator?


Color of ammonia in universal indicator?

colour of ammonia in universal indicator would be blue.

What color represents mother?

I think blue. Blue is the color that represents mother and wife on "The universal family flag" and "The universal symbol for family". The mother is blue because she represents truth and life on the flag and symbol.

What color did universal indicator if it is added to weak alkali?


Is blue an Easter color?

Yes, blue is an easter color because Easter is in the spring and blue is considered a spring color

What color hue is not considered to be a warm color?


What is the universal symbol of the color yellow?

There are a few different symbols for the color yellow that may be considered universal. The sun is just one example.

What color is considered the traditional color of an Irish wedding?


Is blue considered an imperial color?

No, a very rich color of purple has always been considered an imperial color.

What color does indigestion tablet turn universal indicator?

it turns the colour blue

What will be the colour of universal indicator of soap solution?

The color is blue for a weak base.

What color is considered to be an appetite suppressant?


Which color is considered to be an appetite suppressant?


When you add antacid tablets to universal indicator what colour will it turn?

Antacids are basic substances: a blue color.

Which are the cool colors?

Any color on the blue side of the color wheel is considered a cool color. This includes blue, cyan, indigo, sky blue, and turquoise.

Is there a universal diesel pump color?

It sure does seem that way. I would think it is blue.

What color would magnesium carbonate solution be in a universal indicator?

the colour would be blue

What color would you observe between milk of magnesia and universal indicator?

The color is blue because magnesia milk is a hydroxide.

What color do alkalis turn universal indicator?

When universal indicator is put in water soluion of alkalis (base) it indicates significant blue colour.

What color should universal indicator solution turn in a base?

A shade of blue, green, or purple.

What colour change occur when a drop of universal indicator is dropped into calcium hydroxide?

The color is blue.

What color does universal indicator turn in basic solutions?

In a basic solution the universal indicator will show the colour green, blue, violet or somewhere in between.

What is the buddist color?

Actually there is a universal Buddhist flag that has the colors blue, yellow, red, white, and orange.

How intense is the movie Blue is the Warmest Color?

Blue is The Warmest Color could be considered very intense considering it has a NC-17 rating.