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Breaking glass is not good luck- it is bad luck.

If you have bad luck coming your way, breaking glass will, according to superstition, eliminate it. Breaking glass, without any (bad luck) precursor, will supposedly manifest itself in only bad luck.

Speaking in more detail, according to superstition, when one has bad luck coming his or her way, breaking a mirror works as a shield to bad luck. A mirror is a reflective device. When one breaks a mirror, it will reflect the bad luck of a broken mirror. But, when already in the presence of bad luck, it reflects the bad luck in the bad-luck dimension. Bad luck in the bad luck dimension is good luck, which we all obstinately have.

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Is the glass being referred to here, a mirror?

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Q: Why is breaking glass good luck?
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When you accidentally break a drinking glass on your birthday is it good luck?

In some cultures, breaking a glass is believed to bring good luck or ward off evil spirits. However, in general, breaking a glass is considered inconvenient and potentially dangerous due to the sharp shards, so it's best to clean up carefully and dispose of the glass safely.

Will the windshield of a 2002 Malibu fit on a 1999 Malibu?

Yes. Good luck getting the '02 glass out without breaking it!

What does breaking glass symbolize?

Breaking glass can symbolize a variety of things depending on the context. It can represent a breakthrough, release of tension, destruction, transformation, or even bad luck depending on the situation in which it occurs.

What does glass breaking mean?

In some cultures, it is believed that breaking glass is a sign of bad luck or the presence of negative energy. However, in a practical sense, glass breaking could simply be a result of accidents or faulty materials.

Is breaking clear glass good luck or bad luck?

Broken anything is not usually lucky. There are several charms of protection I know of that use broken glass as part of the spell, and re-cut pieces of coloured glass can be cleansed and used in magical charms or decorative stained glass pieces.

What is the spiritual meaning of breaking glass?

when you break glass, people say that you'll have bad luck for like, two weeks, but it's just superstition.

How can you get rid of bad luck?

stop walking under ladders, and breaking glass, and start covering your mouth when you yawn

What does it mean if you break glass?

Breaking glass is often associated with bad luck or negative energy in many cultures. It can also represent a need for change or an upcoming disruption in your life. Some believe that breaking glass could symbolize a release of tension or a new beginning.

What is the duration of Breaking Glass?

The duration of Breaking Glass is 1.73 hours.

Is breaking glass a chemical property?

No breaking glass is not a chemical reaction, which is what i think you mean. Breaking the glass does not alter the chemical makeup or properties of the glass. Instead breaking glass is a physical reaction because it does alter the size of the glass and its appearance

When was Breaking Glass - song - created?

Breaking Glass - song - was created in 1977.

How does glass breaking sensors detect the glass breakage?

glass-breaking sensor use microphone transducers to detect the glass breakage