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Q: Why is calamansi used in removing stains?
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How does the amount of calamansi extract affects the removing of stains on a cloth?

what effect does calamansi extract have on stained clothes? Hypothesis:

Can calamansi be used as a stain remover?

Yes, It can but it can only remove minor stains.

What are the components of calamansi that is used to remove stains and dirts on clothes?

it contains citric acid

What are the characteristics of calamansi as stain remover?

calamansi is an element that can be used as stain remover. calamansi is an acid and an acid can remove stains in clothes, hair etc.un lang po thank you and i just want to say i love you WATTPAD

What are the basic characteristics of the element chlorine?

in philippines, they used chlorine in removing stains

Which Bleach Works best on stains?

Clorox Bleach is better at removing stains!!

Can calamansi be used as dye?

Calamansi can be used as a hair dye. It can be used to lighten up the color of the hair depending on the type of color.

How can I find tips on removing wine stains from carpet?

You can find tips to removing stains on "" search your question and look for the answer in the search box.

What is the pH of Calamansi?

calamansi is calamansi

Does fungi make substance for removing stains?

yes, it does

Removing salt stains off suede shoes?


What are the best uses for a magic eraser?

The magic eraser is best used from removing stains from various items. It cleans coffee stains from mugs, it can remove algae from cement, and can also be used to clean dried paint from door hinges!