Why is clinical thermometer have a thin glass wall?


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the thermometer is thin because it is faster to read the temperature

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The thin glass wall which allows heat energy to be conducted easily.

The glass around the bulb in a clinical thermometer (the conventional one) is thin because glass is not a good conductor of heat. The clinician and the patient don't want to wait half an hour to get a good temperature reading. By using the thinner glass, the transfer of heat into the thermometer's fluid will be more rapid than it would with an instrument with thicker glass.

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A wall thermometer measures the room temperature.

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The tastes differ. An oral thermometer has a longer slender end that's inserted (into the mouth), compared to a rectal thermometer that has a short bulbous end inserted (into the rectum). The bulb reduces the chance of tearing the rectal wall, especially in infants. Some digital models have a setting for rectal vs. oral on the unit. The rectal temperature is known to be a little warmer and more accurate to body temperature. If you still have a glass and mercury thermometer, be aware that mercury is a deadly toxin, and consider replacing the thermometer with a digital model.

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