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I wouldn't say the inventor, had a reason for calling clocks clocks, the person in which invented clocks came up with the name himself

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Q: Why is clocks called clocks?
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What are clocks with hands called?

Analog clocks.

Some animals have biological clocks that keep track of daily cycles called?

they are called daily schedule clocks

Why are some clocks called chiming clocks?

Some clocks are called chiming clocks because they give off a chiming, or striking, sound at various times. A striking, or chiming, clock sounds the hours audibly by using a bell or a gong.

A clocks face is called a what?


What are those clocks called that flip in the middle of the number as it changes time?

Those are apparently simply called flip down clocks.

When English clocks go forward do the clocks all aroud the world go forward?

some clocks go forward, but not all of them :) it is called daylight saving time

What are clocks that are not digital called?

Analog clocks have an hour hand and minute hand, and 12 numbers around a circle.

Who makes Clocks?

Clockmakers are more correctly called horologists. Many traditional mechanical clocks are built in Germany and Switzerland, including "grandfather clocks" and "cuckoo clocks." Modern computer-chip clocks are made by computer manufacturers for watches, timers, and electronic devices such as microwave ovens.

What is the study of antique clocks called?

The study of antique clocks falls into the same category of studying watches, this study is scientifically called horology and those who show an interest are horologists.

What country is called the land of chocolate and coca clocks?


Is Clocks an adverb?

No, the word clocks is not an adverb.The word clocks is a noun."There are a lot of clocks here".The word clocks is also a verb."He clocks into work".

What is the title of this picture with the clock?

One very famous picture with clocks is called "The Persistence of Memory." It features melting clocks and was painted by Salvador Dalí.

What do you call the teeth on the wheels of watches of clocks and machines?

It is called a "gear".

Why can't i stop the clocks?

You can stop the clocks by not worrying about the clocks.

How was the clocks invented?

The ancient Chinese were the first to invent clocks. The first clocks were water clocks.

What is the song called by coldplay in Peter Pan?

In Peter Pan it's called flying but really it is called Clocks by Coldplay

Which clocks are the most accurate?

Atomic clocks are the most accurate clocks that are available to the general public. To date, the most accurate clock made is the so-called quantum logic clock, which is accurate to about one second in 3.7 billion years.

Is there a 'Best of Oasis' CD?

Yes, it is called "stop the clocks"

What is the plural possessive of clocks?

Clocks is already in plural form. Therefore, it is clocks.

What are Black Forest Clocks used for?

The Black Forest Clocks produce starting in the 17th century. Black Forest Clocks are Clocks everywhere on the world. Black Forest Clocks stands for quality cuckoo clocks from germany.

What is the collective noun for clocks?

There is no specific collective noun for clocks, in which case a noun suitable for the situation is used; for example a collection of clocks, a museum of clocks, a display of clocks, etc.

What is this called plan for setting clocks one hour ahead of standard time?

Daylight Saving Time is the name of the plan to set clocks ahead in spring and back in fall.

What is the title of Salvador Dali's surreal painting with melted clocks?

It is called The Persistence of Memory.

When you put your clocks back one hour during summer it is called what?

You do not do anything to the clocks in summer. In spring, you move them forward one hour, and it is called Daylight Saving Time. In the Fall, they are moved back one hour to Standard Time.

Are clocks about time?

clocks tell you what time it is