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Q: Why is common law important in forensic science?
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Why is forensic science important in courts of law?

Analysis of forensic evidence is used in the investigation and prosecution of civil and criminal proceedings. Often, it can help to establish the guilt or innocence of possible suspects

Is a forensic science practice test hard?

Forensic science will be more difficult for someone if they don't have an aptitude for science. This area of science deals with criminal law. They determine the outcome of many cases.

Application of scientific knowledge to questions of civil and criminal law?

Forensic Science

What is the difference between forensic science and crime scene investigator?

Forensic science tends to be an umbrella term used to cover all of the sciences involved in the application of law. Therefore, virtually any science can be used in modern criminal investigations. "Forensic" is a term that is derived from the latin "forum" which refers to the Romans and their meeting places where they discussed important issues of the day. Crime Scene Investigation is a branch of forensic science. It deals with the forensic investigation process carried out at the scene of the crime. CSIs recover physical evidence which is brought to a forensic laboratory where a "bench" scientist will then carry out further scientific testing. Consequently, crime scene investigation is a branch of forensic science the same as forensic toxicology, forensic biology or forensic chemistry to name but a few examples.

How do scientists use forensics?

Well, you can't really "use" forensics.The word 'forensic' means applied to the law, or applied to legal matter.So, that means that forensic science is science that is used - or applied - to the law, or to legal matter.

How has forensic science helped fight crime?

Forensic science is a science of miracles. You can not imagine, to tackle the crime effectively, without the help from forensic experts. This very big topic can not be covered in a single page. You name the crime and forensic experts have their role to play in the same. Forensic experts are treated as expert witnesses in the court of law. There are unending stories of the roles of forensic experts, in crimes.

What is forensic science?

Forensic science is the application of science to criminal and civil laws majorly on the criminal side as criminal investigation, as governed by the legal standards of admissible evidence and criminal procedure.

What career cluster is forensic science in?

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

What kind of training will I need to get my forensic science license?

The forensic science license can be obtained in college these days. The careers are mostly in the crime scene investigator area to help law enforcement solve crimes.

What forensic scientists do?

The word "forensic" means "pertaining to the law"; forensic science resolves legal issues by applying scientific principles to them. Forensic scientists perform comprehensive chemical and physical analyses on evidence submitted by law enforcement agencies. Their work is often instrumental in apprehending and convicting criminals.

What is an appropriate course to study to become a forensic scientist?

Obviously, you would need to learn math and science. From there, you would also need some law-enforcement training and specialty college courses for forensic science.

How do you use forensic science?

Forensic Science is used to answer questions that deal with criminal or civil actions. Forensics has many subdivisions such as Digital Forensics, Criminalistics, Forensic Psychology, etc. Law & Order, The Mentalist, and the CSI television shows apply a glamorized version of forensics.