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For clothes it is a wonderful material! Why would you think there are problems with it?

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Q: Why is cotton a bad material to use?
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What are the products that use cotton as material?

Products that use cotton as material include shirts, coats, pants, bathing suits, lingerie, scarves, socks, cotton balls, bedding, mattresses, pillowcases, etc.

Why is cotton a bad material?

because it goes into our nose and deposited in trachea and results in death.

Why use cotton?

because it is a much more energy and money sufficient material.

What type of material is best to put on your newborn?

Cotton by far is the best material to use for a newborn. Cotton is softer then other cloths and they are easy to clean and reduce a lot of rashes on newborn.

Are cotton and rayon the same?

No, cotton and rayon are entirely different. Cotton is a material that comes from the cotton plant, whereas rayon is a synthetic material that is related to plastic.

How do they make the material cotton?

spun from the cotton plant

Why is cotton a good material to use as a towel?

its good for towels because its soft and so yea

What material can you use for ear defenders?

Foam, rubber, and cotton wool can be used for ear defenders.

What makes cotton a natural material?

Raw cotton grows on natural bushes, making it a natural material.

What are the main raw material of cotton spinning?

Cotton fiber

How do you get cotton material?

no its a fabric

Bad properties of cotton?

properties of cotton bad points. .it wrinkles easily