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Q: Why is cramming not a good way to study?
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Why do people do cramming?

People cram because they think it will help them remember and do well on the test or quiz. However cramming isn't the best way study for an upcoming test or quiz because it will only be stored in your memory for short term and long term.

Why is studing important for us?

Studying is very important for anyone because it'll guarantee that you have a better chance of passing a test. When you study make sure that your not cramming. Cramming is a way of studying but it never worked for me, when you cram you study all the information in a couple of hours the day before the test and/or meeting. To ensure that your studying correctly, have a close friend over and make s/he and/or him/her ask you questions and if you answer a majority of them right then you've found out the most comfortable way for you

What are good test taking tips for kids?

FOR KIDS: Do the easy ones first, come back to the hard ones. FOR OLDER KIDS: Study throughout the year, last minute cramming does not work.

How can you study good?

You have to do it. Find the best method for yourself--15 minutes at a time, quiet or with background music, writing notes as you read, flashcards... In my experience, last minute all night cramming is counterproductive. Have a good dinner, get enough rest and you will do better. Study everyday leading up to a test.

How will the laboratory help you study of biology?

because it help us to understand practically as ahuman understands more when he see or do it himself instead of cramming it unnecerely

What is a good way to study for your permit?

Study, Reread all information that you get from your local DMV.

What is the best way to study for AP literature i have a bad teacher?

Here's a good study website link!

What are the solutions to cramming?

Just cram.

Is facebook an accurate way to study human behavior?

It could be in a narrow sense, but it is a good way to study social behavior aspects of human nature.

How can i get good with rhyming and syllables?

To improve your rhyming skills, practice writing lyrics or poems regularly and pay attention to the sounds of words. Experiment with different rhyme schemes and consider using a rhyming dictionary for inspiration. For syllables, focus on counting and emphasizing syllables in words to create rhythmic patterns in your writing. Practice by dissecting song lyrics or poems to understand how syllables are structured.

What does the term cramming mean?

cramming means mugging up or memorizing blindly and without logic. usage:Do not cram your brain with rubbish data

What is the easy way to do English on line?

There is no easy way to do your work. You just have to study and practice until you are good at it.