Why is detention bad?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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because it goes on your record for college later on

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Q: Why is detention bad?
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Is a detention centre for asylum seekers a bad place?

Yea it is

What are the release dates for Bad Samaritans - 2013 Middle School Detention 1-4?

Bad Samaritans - 2013 Middle School Detention 1-4 was released on: USA: 31 March 2013

Who invented detention for bad behavior at school?

A teacher named Mildred Frisbone in 1952

Why are people put in to detention camps for?

because more then likely they did somthing bad so they put them in there:]

How bad is cursing in schools?

It will get you suspended expelled or 3 weeks of detention in other words very very very very very very BAD

Administrative detention and correctional detention?

Administrative detention is detention from the principal and/or assistant principal. Correctional is from a student or designee

What is a sentence with the word detention in?

You will see me for detention after school.The juvenile was sent to the detention centre.

Detension is something to do with school you will be in big trouble you will miss lunch break or exclusion?

Detention is a type of punishment that often happens at school. Detention usually has something to do with bad behavior in school and gets you in big trouble. You might miss a lunch break or be excluded from after school activities because of detention.

Is getting a detention bad?

It depends on the kind of person you are if you dont care then you dont but it goes on your record later on in your life

Name something kids are afraid to get from their teacher?

bad grade, homework, test, detention, note sent home

What part of speech is detention?

Detention is a noun.

What is formal detention?

formal detention is where you get a 7 day detention so it lasts all week including weekends in this detention you get whipped 24/7