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its because of density water and DCM differs in their density water has lower density as to DCM i.e 1 where as for DCM its 1.3 something

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Is DCM lighter than water?

No. Dichloromethane is far denser than water will be the bottom of the two layers when the two are mixed.

Would you expect to find dichloromethane in the upper phase or the lower phase?

Dichloromethane (methylene chloride) has a higher density than water. It will settle to the bottom of a dichloromethane:water mixture. Is this what you are asking?

Is the polarity of Iodine more like water or dichloromethane?

The polarity of Iodine is more like dichloromethane than water. Both iodine and dichloromethane are non-polar. But water is polar.

Could dichloromethane sink or float in water?

Dichloromethane sinks in water because it's density is higher than that of water.

Does dichloromethane layer lie in water layer?

A dichloromethane layer can lie in a water layer. When you have equal parts of water and dichloromethane (immiscible liquids), two layers will form on top of each other.

Why did the caffeine leave the water and move into the dichloromethane?

Dichloromethane is a water-immiscible solvent that works well, because caffeine is highly soluble in it

Is dichloromethane more polar than water?

no it is less polar than water

What happens if an oil and water are mixed together?

Oil rises to the top, water stays at the bottom.

How do you separate dichloromethane by using separating funnel?

The liquid in the bottom part of the funnel flow slowly by the valve.

Why does water go straight to bottom when mixed with oil?

Water is heavier than oil. Oil floats on water.

Can dichloromethane have isomers?

Yes, dichloromethane has two isomers.

Is sucrose soluble in dichloromethane?

no, sucrose precipitates in dichloromethane

How do you prepare dry dichloromethane?

Stirr dichloromethane with calcium chloride, filter calcium chloride. Add calcium hydride to dichloromethane, reflux for 10 hrs and distill dichloromethane.

Where does the largest temperature change occur in the mixed layer and why?

At the bottom of the mixed layer, because this is where the mixed layer is seperated from the calm deep water below it.

When water and bromoform are mixed two layers form. is the bottom layer water or bromoform?

Bromoform is considerably more dense than water and will be the lower layer if the two are mixed.

What is the Boiling point of Dichloromethane?

Dichloromethane, CH2Cl2, boils at 39.8°C.

When water and bromoform are mixed two layer form. is the bottom layer water or bromoform?

The bottom layer is bromoform because bromoform is a very dense liquid.

Does Iodine dissolve in Dichloromethane?

Yes because its dense than water...and has dipole charges

What is a example of heat transfer by convection?

If you put water on the stove, the hot water at the bottom will move up - the entire pot of water will get mixed.

What is the function of dichloromethane in the bromination reactions?

Bromine is a high toxic compound then how it will react with dichloromethane.

Does dichloromethane have resonance structures?

No. Dichloromethane does not have resonance structures.

What liquid is more volatile between ethanol methanol acetone dichloromethane and water?

Ethanol boiling point: 78.37 °C Methanol Boiling point: 64.7 °C Acetone Boiling point: 56 to 57 °C dichloromethane Boiling Point: 39.8-40.0°C Water Boiling Point: 100°C dichloromethane more volatile than the others

Is it true or false that minerals can form when solutions evaporate?

It is true. For example if water was mixed with water and you evaporated the water in the bottom would still be salt.

2 things that don't dissolve in water?

benzene, toluene, chloroform, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate

What happen when salt and water are mixed?

The salt will dissolve into the water. If the water becomes saturated with salt (it cannot absorb any more) the water will eventually evaporate into the air leaving behind a crystal like formation in the bottom of whatever the two were mixed in.

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