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Environmental education is extremely important, especially in today's age. Ensuring that new generations understand the importance and significance of the environment, and how to protect it, is important as the survival of the world is dependent upon it. Pollution and green houses gases amongst many other things interfere with environmental well being on a regular basis. Providing the proper knowledge to future generations will help to ensure that the steps are taken in order to be proactive to care for the environment in order for it to flourish.

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Q: Why is environmental education important?
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What is the National Environmental Education Act?

It is a group that teaches people how important it is to help and protect the environment.

What is the differences between environmental education and environmental studies?

Environmental education is taught in primary schools through environmental sciences and in secondary classes,it is taught through science and social science. So, in a way, environmental science is subsidiary to environmental education. or we can say that enviromental science is the application of environmental education.

What is environmental educatrion?

The environmental education is the education about environment. It is used to spread awareness.

How do you apply 5 NGO of environmental education in teaching an environmental education?

You don't. Nerd

When was Jennings Environmental Education Center created?

Jennings Environmental Education Center was created in 1979.

When was Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center created?

Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center was created in 1959.

What is the need of environmental education?

Environmental education teaches people about the natural environment and how to protect it. Environmental education is usually taught within a science curriculum, and may incorporate biology, ecology, and chemistry.

What is the latest syllabus of class Environmental Education issued by CBSE?

environmental education ssllabus class VIIIType your answer here...

When was Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center created?

Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center was created in 1970.

Why is environmental scanning is important?

why is environmental scanning is important

What is scope of environmental education?

the scope of environmental education is telescope because w/o it we can't see tiny things.

What has the author Grace Marie McDermott written?

Grace Marie McDermott has written: 'The urban child and environmental education' -- subject(s): Education, Urban, Environmental education, Urban Education