Why is ethanol miscible with water?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Ethanol : C2H5-O-H

Water : O-H-O

One of the Oxygen atom in water can form a Hydrogen bond with the last Hydrogen atom as shown above.

Hydrogen bonds are the electrostatic forces of attraction between an electron-deficient hydrogen bonded to a very electronegative atom and the lone pair of a neighbouring very electronegative atom.

In Ethanol, the final Hydrogen is bonded with Oxygen, which is a very electronegative atom, therefore the Hydrogen atom is electron-deficient because the shared electron pair is attracted very close to the Oxygen and hence creates a strong dipole moment.

In water, both the Oxygen atoms are very electronegative and will attract the positive end of Ethanol, which is the Hydrogen to form Hydrogen bond.

Hydrogen bonds are much stronger than van der Waals' forces or permanent dipole attraction.

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Q: Why is ethanol miscible with water?
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What pairs of substances are miscible water and oxygen water and gasoline water and sodium chloride water and ethanol?

Water and ethanol are miscible.

What is miscible ethanol and water or water and oil?

Ethanol and water are miscible. Think of alcoholic drinks, the alcohol and water do not form separate layers.

Is ethanol and water can mix together?

yes. ethanol and water are soluble / miscible

Why is liquid water and ethanol described as miscible?

Because a mixture of ethanol and water in any proportions forms a single phase liquid at standard temperature and pressure. That is the meaning of "miscible".

Which two are miscible with one another oil water and ethanol?

Water and ethanol. Oil is immiscible with either of those.

In terms of bonding why does ethanol and water miscible?

The polar group -OH of ethanol is bonded to water by hydrogen bonds.

Can excess extra neutral alcohol sediment in water?

Ethanol and water are miscible.

Is ethanol and water miscible?

Yes it is. Because they are both not polar.

Is ethyl alcohol miscible with water?

YES!!!! Ethyl alcohol is the alcohol; that humans drink in beers wines and spirits. It is miscible(mixed) with water and other substances to make alcoholic drinks. It modern IUPAC name is 'Ethanol' , and its formula is CH3CH2OH .

Examples of miscible liquids?

Two miscible liquids are: Alcohol and water.Sorry if this isn't what you wanted.

Are ethanol and isopropanol miscible?

Yes, they are completely miscible.

Why is it not possible to use ethanol to extract an organic compound from water?

Because ethanol and water are miscible solutions, that is that they can mix together or co-dissolve.