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Lady Gaga is alive and well.Dont ever bielive the rumors of her being dead.

She is DeadNOT

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Q: Why is everyone saying Lady Gaga is dead?
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Is Lady Gaga dead because of Michael Jackson?

Lady Gaga is not dead, but Michael Jackson is. And his death has nothing to do with Lady Gaga.

Was Lady Gaga killed by her boyfriend?

No, Lady Gaga is not dead.

Are you sure that Lady Gaga isn't dead?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga is not dead.

Is Lady Gaga's dad dead?


Is Jo Calderone dead?

Jo Calderone is Lady Gaga's male alter ego. Lady Gaga is not dead so Jo Calderone is not dead.

Is Lady Gaga died?

no she did not die and she is not dead

Has Lady Gaga ever been dead?


Is lady gaga dead in a plane crash?


Why did Michael Jackson die before Lady Gaga?

Michael Jackson wasn't well. lady gaga is not dead.

If Robert Enke is dead then how come he is dating Lady Gaga?

I don't think he ever dated lady gaga

Is it true that Lady Gaga is dead?

not yet, but Amy Winehouse is!!

When did Lady Ga Ga die?

As of 20th March 2010, Lady Gaga is not dead

Is Lady Gaga died yet?

No Lady Gaga is not dead. She is only 27 years old. She will be turning 28 on March 28, 2014.

Why did they say that Lady Gaga was dead?

Because some people don't like Lady Gaga and they tell lies to make other people dislike her.

Is Lady Gaga really dead?

No, it's merely a rumor. If she were dead, I don't know what I'd do.

Is lady gaga supposed to be dead in Paparazzi?

Yes. That is part of the video, and the song.

Is Lady Gaga dead?

No. Lady Gaga is not dead.There has been no official statement or public announcement of Lady Gaga dying, not on the news media or on Lady Gaga's official website.This is a Rumor. There is a rumor that Lady Gaga reportedly died on the scene after a car crash in London. These rumors are creating a global internet panic! These death claims are so false that it's actually funny, Lady Gaga must be laughing in her muppet, bubble spacesuit right now.

Is Lady Gaga's mom still alive?

of she is alive if she was dead it would be big news

Who is more famous Freddie Mercury or Lady Gaga?

Freddie Mercury by far, he was a legend, considering he is now diseased (dead) his tracks and hits are more famous, because now he's dead, everyone will want to remember him, but i'm saying this profit wise though, I personally think that Freddie Mercury is more famous.

Why is everyone saying nick crandle dead?

cuz they feel like it

How is lady gaga dead and she is performing on so you think you can dance?

Very simple: she isn't dead. Are you perhaps thinking of Amy Winehouse, who did die recently?

Did Lady Gaga get shot?

No. She wouldn't be necessarily DEAD either -.-. But no, she has never been shot, she's alive and well, about to go on tour.

Is talia joy really dead?

Yes she survived cancer but died. Everyone is remembering her by saying "Just Keep Swimming" everyone truly misses her.

Who is Lord Gaga?

Lord Gaga is a character created by the Key of Awesome (Mark Douglas) as part of a Lady Gaga parody song of Bad Romance. He is portrayed by Mark Douglas. Lord Gaga appears in 2 Lady Gaga parodies, Bad Romance (KOA #6) and Born This Way (KOA #36).The CharacterLord Gaga often appears dressed in a similar style to Lady Gaga. Before Lady Gaga and Lord Gaga parted over creative issues, they created a joint music video. In it, Lord Gaga introduces himself, and describes his style, which is self- described as very weird. He can speak in a language that only gay men understand. Lord Gaga is shown being tortured and forced to eat a brown clay-like substance. He sings about liking to sing like he's underwater. Lord Gaga once went to church and made out with a bearded nun; he then went to the roof and stared into the sun. He wears a tuxedo to bed and sends out cards to the dead. He cuts himself as a fashion choice, and severs his hand in the video. In the following video, Lord Gaga has taken a hook to replace his severed hand. In it, he has reconciled with Lady Gaga, acknowledging her as the Queen, and has taken a more submissive position in the relationship.The details of Lady and Lord Gaga's previous settlement has never been made public.

Another saying for dead as a dodo?

Another saying for "dead as a dodo" would be "dead as a doornail."