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Why is feet called feet?


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The foot was the size of the foot of King Henry VIII, who standardised the weights and measures of Britain, frequently to his personal dimensions. Hence, they became known as IMPERIAL measurements.

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The fingers of the feet called toes.

Horses feet are called hooves.

Cats feet are called paws.

The feet of an owl are called talons.

No, flat feet is not called pronated feet. Pronation is the inward roll of the foot when walking or running. Pronation is also sometimes called eversion.

Having two feet is called bipedal.

It really depends on the animal. Some animals' feet are simply called feet. However, some of them have specific names. For some, like the dog, the feet are called paws. For some, like the cow, the feet are called hooves.

This depends on the development of the creatures feet. For birds they are called feet. For tree shrews and koala bears they are called paws for lemurs, monkeys and apes they are called hands and feet.

A penguin's feet are typically called their flippers. The feet of most aquatic birds are otherwise known as flippers.

ducks have webbed feet

Feetatoeiphobia is the fear of feet

The tops are the dorsa of the feet.

Front two are called hands; hind two are called feet.

They are called hooves.

They are called their paws

they are called clee's

They are called hooves.

it is called podiatry.

The mountains over 3000 feet are called Munroes.

What is the bone called below your big toe

they dont have feet they have LEGS

The ants' feet are called appendages or claws. They are actually not really feet and most ants will have six of them like other insects.

Square feet are square feet. There is not a measure called radius square feet.

Lots of animals have 4 feet although they are not always called feet. A horse has four feet called hooves, an elephant has four feet. A cat has four feet called paws.

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