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because it contains the nutrients that plants need to grow.

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Is fertile soil a natural resource?

Fertile soil is a natural resource. If nobody had ant fertile soil... where would we be? We wouldn't be able to grow annything or be able to feed our live stock.

Which natural resource is considerded the most valuable in Egypt?

The most valuble resource was FERTILE SOIL.

What are the natural resource of Iowa?

Iowa's most valuable natural resources are its fertile top soil and climate, which make farming and livestock raising important to Iowa's economy.

What is the most important natural resource located in Ukraine?

is soil

The most valuable resource of the Midwest is what?

Fertile soil

What are the examples of localised resource?

Example of localised resource are metal ores and fertile soil

What natural resource is an important export for Brazil?

Yes , Soil , Sugar , Cofee Pipelines

Why is fertile soil considered a nonrenewable resource?

It is not found everywhere

What is Indiana's most valuable mineral resource?

Fertile Soil

What does soil conversation protect?

soil conversation will help protect this important natural resource and protect Soil being eroded from the Earth's surface.

List three natural resources important to manitoba's economy today?

fertile soil, wetlands and prtroleum

What are the natural resources of Hawaii?

fertile soil

What is the major resource of Northern Europe?

Forest and soil are two other important natural resources in Northern Europe. Another important resource is seas and oceans .

Is soil a natural resource in North Dakota?

Yes soil is a natural resource in North Dakota.Also if it weren't for the soil North Dakota wouldn't have great farming!

Middle colonies natural resources?

The natural resources were the fertile soil.

Why is Clay important in soil?

It is important to have clay in your soil because clay is fertile

What are the natural resources for North Carolina?

fertile soil

Why are rivers an important natural resource?

Because they give fertile soil for farmers and for example Egypt long ago had no source of water except for the Nile river. People would bring bugets to carry back and forth

Is soil a natural resource?

Yes, soil is one of the most natural resources for living organisms.

What natural resource is bricks made from?


Are mosses are a natural resource in the soil category?


Why is topsoil important part of the soil?

It is important because the soil:It is fertileIt has vitamins and nutrients

What is a natural resourse?

A natural resource is a a resource that come from earth such as gold, coal, water, soil, and silver

Why soil is your natural resource?

Soil is one of the most important natural resources.It supports the growth of plants by holding the roots firmly and supplying water and nutrients.It is the home for many organisms.

Why are earthworms important for the soil?

Because, they swallow the soil to make it fertile.