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cuz flexibility helps u 2 dance


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Suppleness is a combination of flexibility and ability to move. It's important in dance as many popular steps and routines require a certain ammount of flexibility.

flexibility helps with extensions, like a developpe, and really help create beautiful arabesques.

Dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics are all sports that focus heavily on flexibility, but all sports require flexibility to a degree. It helps you stay limber, which helps you keep moving and in shape, which is important to sports.

Modern dance requires more flexibility than jazz dance.

Flexibility means turnout. How far you lift you leg, and how far your leg turns in or out

yes, hip flexibility is extremely important for a hurdler.

It's literally impossible. Jumps, leaps, and turns are incredibly important as well as flexibility if you ever want to dance professionally. BTW, flexibility isn't something you can learn, it's something you have to practice...

It improves strength and flexibility, which you need for any other type of dance.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is the BEST sport for girls! Girls learn ballet, dance, flexibility, endurance and many other important skills.

the angle of movement around a joint

flexibility is importent because it helps you from having joints or from not being able to work out when your older. flexibility must be done by everyone

principle of progression, principle of specificity, and maintaining flexibility

flexibility in posture for sports is VERY VERY important. excpesialy when you are in gymnastics because to do all those flips and stuff you have to have good posture and a lot of flexibility. flexibility is also need for other sports such as soccer, cheer, football, softball, baseball, and basketball

Most sports require flexibility. In baseball, the pitcher needs to have a flexible shoulder in order to pitch without injuring himself. One also needs flexibility for ice skating, gymnastics and dance.

It is important because u need it's to do it and strength but so it's important because they use it gymnastics is about flexibility just practice splits cartwheel handstand ect.

Flexibility is important because it is basically any movement in the body. ;)

To enhance flexibility and mobility.

Exercise or Physical activity fall into four basic categories-endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. The flexibility exercise is like Yoga. Dance. walking up stairs. Hiking. Lifting weights etc

Flexibility isn't really important in netball, I'm just about as flexible as a tree :P and I play well. Although flexibility could come in handy when it come to rolling you ankles etc. MAKE IT SHINE :D

Flexibility is important to a hockey stick as it provides an extra flick to the puck when taking a slap shot or snap shot which further provides more speed.

Convenience,, and flexibility. Family time is important.

Yes, dancing is great for improving cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and strength. You can do it for fun or competitively.

Flexibility in the Constitution is important because new situations arise continually due to progress. These cases go in front of the Supreme Court. The principles of the Constitution are always upheld.

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