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Q: Why is flying j called flying j?
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What is the motto of Pilot Flying J?

The motto of Pilot Flying J is 'Good to Go!'.

Is pilot buying flying j?

BP/Mobil is buying Flying J

When was Pilot Flying J created?

Pilot Flying J was created on 2001-09-01.

Did Pilot purchase any Flying J stores lately?

Flying J announced to Flying J managers that it was merging with Pilot on Sunday, July 12, 2009 in a conference call.

What is the ticker symbol for Flying J?

Flying J is a privately-held company and as such has no publicly-traded stock.

Who owns flying J truck stops?

What is the contact information of the real estate divisionin Flying J truck stops

How long is a Flying J tanker trailer?

Like most tandem tanker trailers, Flying J's are 48 feet long.

What has the author Mick J Prodger written?

Mick J. Prodger has written: 'Vintage flying helmets' -- subject(s): Flying helmets

Does the pilot corp now own the Flying J travel centers?

No. the Pilot co. wants to merge with flying j. flying j has filed a chapter11 bankruptcy so by having flying j and pilot merge the j can come out of the bankruptcy much quicker. also the lawsuit flying j filed against pilot for card boycotting will be dropped if the merge is decided. customers will see no change in either company, everything will stay as is, only difference is in corporate matters. names, locations, ownership all the same.

Who is Flying J owned by?

kwik fill

How does an employee of Flying J go about making a complaint?

I work at the Pilot Flying J's in Lancaster. I have been there for 3 month and I am losing all my shifts. Why?

What is a flying buttress called?

its called a flying buttress