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Q: Why is frequency considered to be the most fundamental property of wave?
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What is plasma frequency?

The plasma frequency,(5)is the most fundamental time-scale in plasma physics. Clearly, there is a different plasma frequency for each species. However, the relatively fast electron frequency is, by far, the most important, and references to ``the plasma frequency'' in text-books invariably mean the electron plasma frequency.

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Why is pitch different fron frequency?

"pitch" is usually taken to be the fundamental frequency. This is the lowest frequency. For a pure sin wave this is the same. Most signals, sounds, are not sinusoidal, pure sin waves. They have harmonics: they have a different shape. The harmonics are (in theory) all multiples of the lowest frequency. Many waveforms you see, tend to have a symmetry that means there are no appreciable even harmonics, so you get 1, 3, 5, 7, ... times the fundamental, the pitch. For these you can do a lot of the strengths of the harmonics. The fundamental frequency, the lowest one is the pitch.

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