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Q: Why is gamma radiation different from alpha and beta radiation?
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Alpha and beta particles and gamma rays are examples of?

Different types of radiation

Is Alpha Beta or gamma made from electrons?

Beta radiation is made from electrons (or positrons for inverse beta radiation). Alpha radiation is a helium nucleus, and gamma radiation is a high energy electromagnetic ray.

What is the radiation type for alpha?

Alpha (and beta) radiation is "particle radiation" Gamma is electro-magnetic radiation.

List the three main types of nuclear radiation in order of increasing ionizing ability?

Alpha, Beta, Gamma and cosmic are all examples of radiation.Types of radiation could be:Ionizing radiationElectromagnetic radiationInfra red radiation

Which is not considered a raditional ray gamma beta alpha or infrared?

Alpha and beta are not electromagnetic radiation.

Alpha beta gamma which is uncharged?

gama radiation is uncharged. Alpha is positive and beta is negative.

Three forms of radiation?

Alpha, Beta and Gamma

Types of radiation rays?

alpha , beta, gamma

What are the 3 particles of radiation?

Alpha, Beta and Gamma

How different alpha and beta radiation from gamma rays?

I'm not sure there are quantifiers for "difference", but "completely" comes close. Alpha and beta radiation is (massive) particle based, gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation ... technically this is a particle (photons), but photons have zero invariant mass. Alpha radiation is a helium nucleus on the run. Beta radiation is an electron on the run. Gamma radiation is a very high energy "light" ray (electromagnetic radiation).

What are three common forms of radiation?

alpha beta gamma

What are three types of nuclear radiation?

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.