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Because of too much garbage on the earth.

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Q: Why is garbage covered with layers of earth of earth at landfills?
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Good and bad facts about landfills?

Landfills are for putting garbage in. If we didn't have landfills we wouldn't have any where to put garbage in but the dump. But dumps are illegal. It's bad because it can pollute the air and that's not god for the earth. It also puts nitrogen in the ground which is also bad for the earth.

Why is recyling and reusing important?

because otherwise HUGE landfills of earth would be covered in rubbish piles .

What are the benefits of recyling?

It cuts down on the amount of garbage that otherwise would have gone to landfills, and it reduces the amount of fresh material that has to be extracted from the Earth.

How do recycleable items help the earth?

Recyclable items(that have been recycled) help the Earth by not increasing the amount of waste in landfills thus not creating precious land to be polluted and wasted on garbage. Also toxins like PCB aren't added to the air when trash in landfills are burned

How can people pollute the earth?

There are a lot of ways. First way to pollute the earth is by littering. Throwing garbage on the floor. Also not recycling. If we did not recycle then there would be more landfills in garbage plants. STINKY. Also by throwing things or chemicals in the sea water,lakes,rivers, and ect. The fish will die. There are more ways.

How does litter and overfilled landfills affect the environment?

It gives off pollution and harms the environment in may ways, for example the ozone layers depleting will cause higher earth average temperature.

Can large areas be covered with layers of sedimentary rocks?

Yes, massive areas of Earth are covered by sedimentary rocks. A good geology map will tell you what rocks are in your area.

Show you picture of the layers of the earth?

layers of the earth

Why do you separate garbage?

We need to separate our garbage because in that simple way we can help our society to reduce our global warming. We people in this planet are the reasons why we suffer all this things so we also assign to solve it. By recycling and reducing the footprint of the landfills, we are taking better care of the environment and the earth we live on.

How is garbage effect the earth?

It affects the earth because the garbage is toxic and the fumes are released into the air.

Why is the earth in layers?

Its in layers because of the density of the compounds in the earth

Which of earth layers are the thickest?

The thickest of Earth's layers is the mantle.

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