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Gas is going up because of the economic times. The selfish people are going into bankrupt so they need the money to rebuild it back up. Of course the only way of getting the money is my nickeling and diming everyone else.

The real reason is because O'bama fired up the printing presses on Jan 21, 2008 and they are still running. He is flooding the market with dollars in his attempt to destroy the Ameriacn economy by creating inflation. Inflation is nothing more than devauling the dollar. So Gas is not going up, the value of the dollar is going down, and will continue to go down as long as the fed's are printing money. When will the dollar not be worth anything. Right after the govenrment tells you that there is nothing to worry about and that the dollar is stable. When you hear that, dump every dollar that you have and trade it for a precious metal of some kind. The Dollar will not be worth the paper their printeds on.

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Why do gas giants consist of so much gas?

gas giants have so much gas that they came up with the name,gas giants

Why are gas prices going up everyday?

Because oil prices are going up so gas companies have to raise their prices so they can make a profit and not go bankrupt.

Why do gases take up so much space?

Gases take up so much space because gas has mass. The atoms in gas will conform to any space that they are put in.

Why are gas prices going up so dramatically?

Because Oil is beginning to run out.

How much do americans spend on gas each year?

its hard to say because of the gas price is going up each year

Why has the gas prices gone up and do you think its fair if it keeps going up?

= Why has the gas prices gone up and do you think its fair if it keeps going up? =

What does foreign oil have to do with gas prices going up?

Well gas comes from oil and America does not produce enough oil to support all the things that need gas in America. So America buys alot of its oil from foreign countries. Gas prices are going up because foreign countries are increasing the price and the amount of oil is going down.

How does gold benefit the economy?

the price of it is going up and up and up so its pretty much a stock.

What was the gas price in 2007?

The average price for gas in 2007 was $2.79 per gallon. This was the first time gas prices went up so much so quickly.

Will gas prices keep going up?

It will keep going up because of supply and demand. Low gas, everybody wants it. We are running out because it is not a natural resource. Why do you think they made electric powered cars? Why do you think they are so expensive?

How do you turn a solid into a Gas?

you do this by melting a solid and then warming up a liquid so much that it evaporates into gas .smiley face

Is rihanna going to beat up Chris Brown?

No and if she tries to I am going to beat her up because I like Chris Brown so much.

What would cause the cost of gasoline to go up?

The price of oil going up in the middle east. We get oil from the middle east and oil is in gas so if oil is high the gas will be high but most the time we should not have to pay so much but the oil companies are just being greedy. -C.I. (Peace Y'all!!)

Will gas prices go up?

yes it will go up because summer is coming and everybody travels, i am in Florida and gas jumped 20cents since Friday, so expect it to keep going up until august.

Why are gas prices going up?

because our president

Is the gas price going to go down?


How much gas does a fart carry?

Well my roommate's carry so much gas that it could be used by a terrorist to blow up a whole country. Very distinct smell also.

Why is the price of gas going up?

Corporate Greed and we are running out.

What did fast food restaurants do to increase the money?

because gas rates are going up. When gas rates go up the food prices go up because it costs money to ship food to the restaurant so the charge more money for it

Why should an aerosol can never be thrown into a fire?

You should never throw an aerosol can onto a fire or leave it in direct sunlight - even if it is empty. This is because the pressure will build so up so much that the can will burst (and explode if there is a naked flame nearby). There are two reasons for the pressure going up:the gas pressure increasesmore of the liquefied propellant turns into a gas

Are Kia Rio good cars?

I have recently just bought a 2003 Kia Rio and i personally think that it is a wonderful car. The gas mileage is great. Especially with the price of gas going up. You can drive forever on a tank of gas and it dont cost much to fill up!

Why did the inner planets not collect gas like gas giants did?

The Sun's gravitational force is theorized to have swept up so much gas in the area of the inner planets and prevented them from acquiring much additional material from their surroundings. Thus, the inner planets initially ended up with no satellites.

How much gas do it take to fill up 2009 dodge caravan?

how much gas does it take to fill up 2009 dodge caavan.

Why so much fuel usage in a 1992 ford 460?

BIG motor. You can keep it tuned up to increase gas mileage and drive gas conscious.

What are the factors of increasing of the petrol price?

Gas prices are set by a supply and demand system. If something happens that effects that system then the price can go up or down. Gas prices will go up in the United States when a Hurricane hits the gulf of Mexico coast and the Oil processing plants and Oil rigs have to close down. The demand for the oil/gas goes up and the supply goes down so the prices go up. In a situation like the Swine flu gas prices are going down because the demand is going down while the supply is going up. As the demand for gas/oil goes up the prices will follow.

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