Why is gas going up so much?

Gas is going up because of the economic times. The selfish people are going into bankrupt so they need the money to rebuild it back up. Of course the only way of getting the money is my nickeling and diming everyone else.

The real reason is because O'bama fired up the printing presses on Jan 21, 2008 and they are still running. He is flooding the market with dollars in his attempt to destroy the Ameriacn economy by creating inflation. Inflation is nothing more than devauling the dollar. So Gas is not going up, the value of the dollar is going down, and will continue to go down as long as the fed's are printing money. When will the dollar not be worth anything. Right after the govenrment tells you that there is nothing to worry about and that the dollar is stable. When you hear that, dump every dollar that you have and trade it for a precious metal of some kind. The Dollar will not be worth the paper their printeds on.