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The carbonation helps release gas from your stomach, if your upset stomach is due to gas, and the ginger in Ginger Ale has been an approved remedy for upset stomachs for centuries. Just make sure the ale actually has ginger as an ingredient, though if it doesn't it may still work, just not as effectively.

But, to be honest, other ginger products would probably work just as well. Crystallized or candied ginger, for example.

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Q: Why is ginger ale good for upset stomach?
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What is ginger ale good for?

settling an upset stomach... even better when its flat, cos its the ginger that's good for you.

What can you drink for upset stomach when you have chirrosis of the liver?

What is causing the upset stomach. If you are nauseas, cola or coke is good. So is ginger tea. Ginger ale is good for soothing an upset stomach

Does ginger help stomach aches?

Ginger ale is known to help an upset stomach. An aching stomach might be different, though.

Is Ginger ale good for food poisoning?

A little ginger ale may sometimes be good for an occasional upset stomach, but if you suspect food poisoning, you must contact your PCP or a clinic at once. Ginger ale is nice, but it has no effect whatever on the causes of food poisoning.

What is ginger ale made of?

ginger ale is made of sprite and coke mix.also good for your stomach

What is ginger-ale made of?

Ginger Ale is made of Sprite and coke mix.also good for your stomach

Is Cola good for an upset stomach?

Not really. The best for an upset stomach would be Ginger-ale. Ginger has been proven to ease nausea. That is why most people recommend Ginger-Ale, because of the ginger. Try to get something like Canada-Dry (available in some northern states) or another brand with real ginger. Stay away from the simulated ginger crap. That will make you feel worse.

How do you get rid of a upset stomach?

Drinking ginger ale, laying down or just take a nap.

Can ginger ale help to settle your stomach?

Ginger ale helps settle the stomach because of the ginger root ingredient.

Can you mix childrens Tylenol with ginger ale?

Of course. There are no contraindications from mixing Ginger Ale and Children's Tylenol together. It would actually be beneficial to children who are having a fever and an upset stomach.

Does Sprite calm your stomach?

Any drink with 'bubbles' will make you burp. Carbonation helps sometimes, by causing you to burp, which can relieve pressure but really doesn't have a ton to do with an upset stomach. And Sprite, 7 up and ginger ale are good for upset stomach.

Is pepsi good for you to drink when you have a stomach ache?

no. ginger ale is though.