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Glucose is the kind of sugar that circulates in the blood.

For example, lactose (sugar found in milk), is a disaccharide (ie two linked sugar molecules) made up of one glucose molecule and one galactose molecule. Galactose is almost like glucose, but it will be changed into glucose in the liver and then released into the blood. All carbohydrates, including starches and grains, eventually get broken down and converted into glucose molecules, which are then released into the blood.


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The sugar in your blood is glucose.

The most simple sugar, "glucose".

Correct, glucose is a blood sugar.

Blood sugar is a measure of the glucose or amount of glucose present in a person's blood.

Blood sugar (or what is more specifically known as blood glucose level).

Blood sugar also known as blood glucose

Because glucose is a type of sugar !

Digested carbohydrates that have been converted into what is known as blood glucose or blood sugar. this sugar is then metablized(respiration) by insulin into the cells,

The instrument used to measure blood sugar is usually reffered to as a blood glucose meter, or a BSGM (Blood Sugar Glucose Meter).

The hormone which is responsible for lowering blood sugar by accelerating glucose transport into cells is known as insulin. This hormone is produced by the pancreas.

Glucose is sugar and you need it in your body(blood) to keep you running which is why we say blood sugar levels and if you are diabetic your blood sugar levels are wrong

No. Glucose is a type of sugar and should not be taken if blood sugar is too high. This would only serve the increase blood glucose levels.

Glucose levels depend on the amount of sugar in the blood. High blood sugar means you have eaten too much sugar, and vice versa for low blood sugar. Diabetics have to watch their glucose levels carefully.

Yes, glucose -- a common monosaccharide, also known colloquially as blood sugar, can easily be dissolved in water.

Glucose a monosaccaride otherwise known as sugarused for energyGlycogen is secreted by the pancreas to stimulate an increase in blood sugar levelGlucagon, a hormone secreted by the pancreas, raises blood glucose levels

Glucose is the scientific name for blood sugar.

glucose is the sugar in your blood.

How is blood glucose regulated

Blood sugar isn't really sugar, but a measure of the amount of glucose bound into a person's blood cells. We use glucose for "fuel" essentially, to power various cellular processes.

No, it is not. It is the amount of sugar (glucose) in your blood. This is controlled by various hormones.

Another name for blood sugar is called the blood glucose level. Usually when insulin levels are high the blood glucose level rises.

Insulin acts to increase glucose uptake into cells decreasing blood sugar. Glucagon acts to stimulate glucose release from the liver, increasing blood sugar.

Grape sugar, blood sugar, or corn sugar

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