Why is gold so treasured?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Why is gold so treasured?
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Why is gold treasured?

Because it is rare malleable and so soft!

Why did the king of Spain want so much gold?

Throughout history, humans have treasured gold. The love of gold spanned the world, from continent to continent. The Inca Tribe treasured gold and the ancient Egyptians did as well. To single out one nation on "gold" requires a more specific question.

Why is gold a treasured metal?

because it is the only soft metal

Why is the blue Morpho butterfly so treasured?

because they are blue

Why are pandas highly treasured?

they are treasured because they are an endangered species

What is the Hebrew word for treasured?

otsar (אוצר)

When was Arthur's Treasured Volumes created?

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What is the duration of Arthur's Treasured Volumes?

The duration of Arthur's Treasured Volumes is 1800.0 seconds.

When did Arthur's Treasured Volumes end?

Arthur's Treasured Volumes ended on 1960-06-06.

Who discover thwe element gold?

Gold does not have a discoverer. Gold has been known and treasured by many cultures for thousands of years. Gold and a few other elements, such as silver and copper, are said to have been known since ancient times and may very well have first been discovered by hunter-gatherers.

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