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Gold is not the best electrical conductor. Silver is actually a better conductor. Gold is generally thought of as a better material to use because of it corrosion resistance. The reason why gold is conductive is the same reason why almost all conductive solids (and a few liquids) are conductive. They have free electrons (valence electons). Think of an atom. Around the nucleus, orbit the electrons. The electrons form into rings with a specific amount of electrons allowed in each ring. To be in good ballance, the atom wants to have the last ring to be completely full. So, elements that have a few extra electrons like Au and Ag try to get rid of them. Thus making them conduct electricity. (in laymans terms)

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Q: Why is gold the best electrical conductor?
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What metal is the best electrical conductor?


Is gold a electrical conductor?

Yes. If you ignore "superconductors", gold is about the best conductor of heat and electricity.CommentSilver is the best conductor, followed by copper, then gold.

What chemical element is the best electrical conductor?

Gold and Silver

Why is gold used in a cell phone?

It is the 3rd best electrical conductor

Is gold an electrical conductor?

Yes, gold is a very good conductor

Which is the best conductor copper gold or tungsten?

For both electrical and thermal conductivity, Copper is the best of the three, then Gold, then Tungsten.

Is gold the best electrical conductor?

No, gold is not the best conductor. At room temperature, silver is a slightly better conductor. The best electrical conductors are the so-called superconductors, which are materials that only exhibit the property of superconductivity at very low (cryogenic) temperatures. When exhibiting the property of superconductivity, they have a resistance of zero.

What matrial is a good electrical conductor?

Silver is the best electrical conductor. Copper is second. Gold is third. Aluminum is a good conductor but not for house wiring. It is used for high tension wires.

What is the best conductor for electrical currents?

Best for what - gold, silver, copper, and aluminum all have advantages.

Why is silver used in a mobile phone?

it is used because it is the best electrical conductor then copper then gold

Does silver or gold conduct electricity better?

Silver is the best electrical conductor between metals.

What element used as a electrical conductor?

Different elements are used as an electrical conductor. Silver is most often used as an electrical conductor and copper and gold are also used.

Is gold a conductor or non conductor?

gold is not the best conductor of electricity , silver is actually a better conductor than gold.

Is gold a good electrical insulator?

No! Its an excellent conductor.

Is gold an electrical conductor at room temperature?

Yes but it is a very poor conductor of electricity

What golden metal is used as an electrical conductor?

Gold (Ag)

Is gold a conductor?

Yes gold is. It is because it is a metal object. Silver is the best conductor while a lot of gold can conductor awesomely.

Why is gold useful in electrical circuits?

because gold is an excellent conductor of electricity and it is unreactive.

Best low cost electrical conductor available?

copper,a reddish-orange metal,is the best low-cost electrical conductor available

Is neon the best electrical conductor?

The best electrical conductor is silver, followed by copper. Gases can be made to conduct well when they're ionized.

Which vegetable is the best electrical conductor?


Common uses of gold?

Jewelry, Electrical conductor, radiation shielding

Is mercury the best conductor of heat?

No, it is not. The best thermal conductor among the metals is silver, and it is the best electrical conductor as well. There is a general "rule" in the natural world that thermal and electrical conductivity are proportionate among metals; they "track" together. If a metal is a better thermal conductor than another metal, it will be a better electrical conductor as well. It should be noted that the best thermal conductor of all known materials is the allotrope of carbon we call diamond. Interestingly, diamond is an electrical insulator.

Is gold or copper the first best conductor of electricity?

Copper is a better conductor of electricity than gold.

Why is copper wire the best known conductor?

The best electrical conductor known is silver, not copper. Electrical resistivity of silver: 1,59.10-8 ohm.m Electrical resistivity of copper: 1,68.10-8 ohm.m A good electrical conductor has a very low electrical resistivity and a high electrical conductivity (the same principles for the thermal conductivity).