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Government is needed because it is the institution through which the people are able to maintain order, provide public services, and enforce decisions that are binding on all members of society. Without a government, the basic rights of the people might not be protected. As the Declaration states, governments are instituted in order to protect the rights of all people, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Governments also protect the nation from foreign or domestic enemies. And the government protects the nation from attack from abroad or from within the nation's boundaries.

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Q: Why is government necessary to run a good country?
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What branches of government were found necessary to run the country?

Lol buckets

Draw conclusions on why the us constutution was nessacary?

It was necessary to create a basis for all laws to be passed, how to run the government, and to show the 13 colonies how the new country would be run.

What does the haitie government do?

Haiti's government run the country and poorly at that

Give you a sentence for government?

The government runs the country. I want to run for a place on our local government.

What are imply powers?

Implied powers refer to rights of the federal government that are not specifically noted in the Constitution. Most come from the "Necessary and Proper Clause", which states that the federal government must do anything necessary and proper to run the country, such as coining money and operating the post, which are not detailed in the constitution, but are rather implied.

What is alike about a state and a country?

A state and country are both run under a government. This government tells the individuals what is legal and illegal.

Who runs a democratic country?

A democracy is run by a government formed by elected representatives of the people.

Is Israel a good country?

There is no such thing as a "good country" or a "bad country." Countries are concepts, amoral, neither capable of good nor bad. The people of a country, especially those who run its government however can be termed good or bad. More accurately, their behavior, their actions in dealing with people and other nations' governments can be labeled good or bad.

What is the rules that people follow and the people that run the country?

the government.

What is the rules that people follow and the people who run the country?

the government.

Why is a constiitution such an important document for a country?

A constitution is vital to a well run country's health. Normally a constitution will, in writing, outline all the laws and polices that a government must follow. Citizens and public officials are bound by the written polices/laws. This avoids arbitrary actions of the government, and for good orders sake makes clear how the country shall be run.

Does the United Kingdom have a monarchy?

yes, but they are not in power, the country is run by a government