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The party began as a single-issue party, but has grown to address other issues.

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Q: Why is green party unique among minor parties?
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Why is the Green Part unique among minor parties?

The party began as a single-issue party, but has grown to address other issues.

Why is the green party a unique minor party?

The Green Party is a unique organization of people who desire laws for the protection of a nations or even the world's animal life and for the environment. It's issues are narrow when compared to major parties that may share the Green Party's views on the environment, but the major parties also have wider policy goals.

What are examples of minor political parties in America today?

The Green party

What are two of the many influential minor parties?

There are many influential minority parties within the United States government system. Two examples of these minor parties include the green party and the independent party.

What are the minor political parties the parties apart from the Republicans and the Democrats?

Ideological parties Single-issue parties Economic protest parties Splinter parties *The biggest three are the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian.

What is a minor party today?

A minor party is one that has very few or no officially elected members. Examples of minor parties include the Green party and the Libertarian party.

Which minor parties role in 2000 presidential election contributes to the defeat of the democratic party?

The Green Party

Third parties are also called what?

third parties are also called minor parties

Which minor parties role in the 2000 presidential election contributed to the defeat of the Democratic Party candidate?

The Green Party

What are the Minor parties in us?

third parties

What is a way minor parties influence the politics of the US?

Minor parties take votes away from the candidates of other parties.

What are the minor parties in a two- party system?

Just that - minor parties, seldom of political significance.