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Why is gymnastics a good sport?


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Gymnastics is a good sport because it keeps people fit and it is very popular right now. It builds up those muscles!


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Gymnastics is a sport.

If you r into dance or gymnastics then it is great sport but it takes a while to get good

Whether or not a person should be involved in gymnastics depends onindividual ability. The sport is good. It is less popular than a number of other sports.

No, it is not. Gymnastics is a non-contact sport.

Badminton Gymnastics Basketball Soccer tennis

Not at all. Gymnastics is a good sport for all ages

Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport.

Yes, gymnastics is a Summer Olympic sport.

Gymnastics is definitely a sport!! And it's one of the hardest sports out there!!

gymnastics is both a girl and boy sport

I love gymnastics and has been my absolute favorite sport since I was 2 years old. All my friends always say, "you have to play a sport!" I always say, "I do, gymnastics. It's is in the Olympics, so it is a sport!" Many people in the world think that gymnastics is not a sport and all the people that do gymnastics are the ones that really know that gymnastics IS a sport. Also, gymnastics is on the chart of the top 10, most hardest SPORTS! Gymnastics is a sport.

Gymnastics mean a sport the takes balance,listening skills,talent, and hard work. Gymnastics is good for everyone to do. It helps with you MUSCLE,FLEXIBILITY, AND MANY OTHER THINGS. Gymnastics is good for boys and girls.

gymnastics are a good sport i have to tell u ND i don't know if its a famous sport but it can give u scholarship alot of people (boys,girls) do gymnastics and , u compete with people so i guess its famous hope i helped u :)

Gymnastics is a good sport for you because you cant just be phisically fit you also have to be mentally fit.It also helps you be more flexibal so yes.

gymnastics. oh how i hate gymnastics even though gymnastics isn't excatly a sport , but i don't actually think there is a sport which focuses on flexibility

Yes gymnastics is the best sport and more gutsy if gymnastics was easy it would be called football hehe:)

Ice skating is a good one and gymnastics is too.

The contribution to gymnastics is that you get to inspire people to that sport

no there are much harder but since gymnastics is such a popular sport you have a lot of pressure. Dance is hard but not a olympic sport

Turnen, is the sport of gymnastics in Dutch.

Gymnastics is the hardest sport to master so if you ever try doing gymnastics make sure that you are prepared. But there is all kind of gymnastics i do regular gymnastics and there are all kind of different levels i am in level 6 and it is hard. A lot of people can not do gymnastics any more if they have got hurt and it ruins there whole career of gymnastics. Also people have died of gymnastics. That is why gymnastics is the hardest sport.

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