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Q: Why is hollands national color orange?
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How did Holland get its national color?

Their national colour is orange and it is orange because of the royal family. Their name is "Orange" :)

What is hollands national sport?


The national color of Netherlands?


What is the national color of India?

The national colour of india is ORANGE

Are blue and orange the national colors of Ireland?

No. Green and orange are the colors of Ireland. Green is the color of the Catholics and orange the color of the Protestants.

What is the national bird of the Netherlands Antilles?

The national bird of the Netherlands is the White What-Me-Worry. It is an orange and black small bird. The national color of the Netherlands is orange.

What is hollands national anthem called?

Wilhelmus van Nassouwe

Why is orange the national color of the Netherlands?

It's the colour of the Dutch royal family.

What is the national color of Tanzania?

pink and purple and green and red and shartruse and orange

What color is a orange?

Orange is like the Orange fruit.

What is Orange a Color or a Fruit?


What is Hollands national animal?

It's the lion, though they certainly don't live in the Netherlands.

What is Hollands National Stadium?

As of 2014 there is not a national stadium for the country of Holland. One of the most popular arenas is the Amsterdam Arena.

Why do the Dutch football players wear orange?

The Netherlands' national football team is famous for wearing a bright orange jersey when playing home. This is because orange is the historic national color of the Dutch, originating from the coat-of-arms of the Netherlands' founding father, William of Orange-Nassau. The red band on their national flag was originally orange as well.

What is the national gay color?

The national gay color is actually a combination of two colors: Blue and Orange It is said that the ancient Mayans predicted who would be the most gay in the 21st Century. Followers of the combination "Orange and Blue" are considered to be the homosexuals of our time.

Are oranges called oranges because they are orange in color or is the color orange called orange because oranges are orange in color?

Because orange.

What color is orange sherbert?

Orange sherbert is a light orange color.

What is the national fruit of Netherlands?

An Orange, Because its Our country's Color. They call it "Appel van Oranje"

What is the color of orange?

The Color Of Orange Is Orange.

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Nothing happened to the orange color on the outside of an orange

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Simply a lighter orange and and a more orange yellow.

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A green orange.AnswerA yellow orange. AnswerIt would be a gold orangeANSWER: - OrangeAnswerAny color but orange

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The color that you get when you mix red and orange would be a darker orange. This is also known as a blood orange.

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Orange is the color you seek.

Color of the orange?

The color of oranges can be yellow or orange.