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Cause if it isn't accurate u don't get more details

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Q: Why is important for observation to be accurate?
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What is important for observations to be accurate and carefully recorded?

Observation should be accurate so that in future it can be use correctly.

Why observation is important during case work?

for you to be able to het a pertinent and accurate data

Is it possible for an observation to be accurate but not precise?


Why are observation skills important in forensic investigations?

Why are observation skills important of forensic science

Is observation important when studying physical science?

Oh yes, observation is very important. All of scientific research rests upon two things: observation, and logical analysis. Without observation there is no science.

What is the importance of observation in a research?

Observations are important because it gives off accurate information, you can see through the other person's eyes, and because it is what your sences tell you.

How can you determine if your power of observation using only sight was accurate?

Confirming with someonelse

Why is careful observation important?

Why knot

What is an observation and measurements recorded during an experiment?

The observations and measurements recorded during an experiment are called data. It is important to keep accurate data in order to understand the results of the experiment.

Why is observation important to a scientist's work?

Careful observation is a good way to establish facts.

Why do observations need to be objective?

Otherwise a bias opinion will mean the observation is not necessarily accurate.

When a sociologist actually joins a group for a period to get an accurate sense of how it operates?

Participant Observation