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The Iron Bridge crosses the River Severn at the Ironbridge Gorge, by the village of Ironbridge, in Shropshire, England. It was the first arch bridge in the world to be made out of cast iron, a material which was previously far too expensive to use for large structures. However, a new blast furnace nearby lowered the cost and so encouraged local engineers and architects to solve a long-standing problem of a crossing over the river.

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It's strong, easy to work with and reasonably priced.

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Q: Why is iron bridge so significant?
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What type of bridge is the iron bridge?

The Iron Bridge in Shropshire is the world's first bridge constructed entirely from iron.

Where is the iron bridge located?

The Iron Bridge is located in Shropshire, England. The bridge goes over the Iron Bridge Gorge. It is a pedestrian bridge that was built in 1779. The bridge is made of cast iron.

Where is world's first iron bridge?

it is the iron bridge

Why is the iron bridge famous?

Iron Bridge in Shropshire, England, is famous as it was the world's first bridge constructed entirely from iron.

When did Battle of Iron Bridge happen?

Battle of Iron Bridge happened in 637.

When was Iron Cove Bridge created?

Iron Cove Bridge was created in 1882.

When was iron bridge built?

The Iron Bridge at Coalbrookdale The world's first cast iron bridge was built over the River Severn at Coalbrookdale in 1779

When was The Iron Bridge created?

Irondequoit Bay Bridge was created in 1967.

Which bridge is the worlds first all-metal bridge?

The Iron Bridge

When was Half Chance Iron Bridge created?

Half Chance Iron Bridge was created in 1880.

When was Wrought Iron Bridge Company created?

Wrought Iron Bridge Company was created in 1864.

When was the iron bridge built?

The Iron Bridge was built at the end of the 18th century and opened to the public in 1781.