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Why is it bad to freeze water bottles?

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It is very bad to freeze water bottles because some of the chemicals leak in to the water when they are melting after they are frozen. I do not recommend freezing your water bottle

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How does a water bottles make you get cancer?

Because there are really bad chemicals in plastic. Don't freeze water bottles or leave them out in the sun because the chemicals leak into the water that you consume.

Can you freeze water in aluminum water bottles?


Why is it bad to freeze plastic water bottles?

It isn't bad to freeze them, unless you fill them up too high; water expands when it freezes, so just be sure to leave enough room towards the top to prevent the bottle from cracking open.

Freezing reusable water bottles?

Yes it is possible to freeze the reusable water bottles overnight. One tip is not to fill it all the way. When water starts to freeze it expands, and if you fill the water bottle completely full, it could explode.

Is it true that it is bad to freeze water and drink it?

It is "bad" to freeze water and drink it only if you neglect to let the frozen water thaw first.

Are water bottles bad for the environment?

yes, they are

How do you cool down your bunny?

I freeze water bottles then put them with the bunny and they lay next to it.

Can you freeze bpa free water bottles?

if the bottle has water in it you can freeze it but not for too long other wise it eill explode and the bottle will be stretched due to the particles in the water and is turning into a solid.

Why do drink bottles explode when you freeze them in the freezer ful to the top with water?

....because water expands when turned to ice

Why can't you warm or freeze water bottles?

Yes you can I have it on good authority that you can freeze anything. You can even freeze your posterior off in really cold weather. So be careful!

Are water bottles good for the environment?

No! Water bottles are bad for the environment because they take many years to degrade. Glass will never break down. All water bottles should be recycled.

Is it safe to freeze water in plastic bottles?

Yes it is very safe. If you freeze water in a plastic bottle, the only thing that will happen is the water might be half freezes and half water. But most of it will be frozen I guarantee

Does putting water on coolant tank bad?

It can be. If you live in a cold area it could freeze. If you live in a hot area, it could boil. On collant bottles, it will tell you not to use collant or water alone. It will tell you the proper mixtures to use.

Why are some schools not allowed waterbottles?

Unfortunately, there were problems with kids bringing vodka in water bottles to school. For this reason some schools prohibit water bottles, or require that the water bottles be frozen (since alcohol doesn't freeze so a frozen wather bottle obviously can't be vodka).

What happens if you drink 4 bottles of water?

It is not good at all. It is very very very bad you should only drink two bottles of water a day.

How do you freeze water in plastic bottles?

Fill bottles to about 3/4 way to top. You must leave room for expansion. Tighten cap and place in freezer at least 6 hours before you need them.

What to do to warm bunnies?

Freeze soda bottles and put them in the cage.

Can you freeze cans?

Neither cans nor bottles should be frozen. Cans will expand and deform, and bottles will crack.

Why is throwing paper bad?

It will waste the water supply and too many plastic bottles will be made

What is nathan water bottles same with mineral water?

Nathan water bottles same with mineral water: I think so nathan water bottles same with mineral water are great water bottles but dont have BPA freindly which you do want.

What water will not freeze?

Sea water will not freeze.

When do freeze plugs on a dodge ram go bad?

freeze plugs go bad usually in very cool temps if your truck has water in it and the freeze plugs or some come out it means there doing there job protecting your engine from freezing and they will leak and try to come out when bad hope that answers your question.

Can You recycle Soap bottles?

yesi recycle soap bottles, water bottles, juices bottles

If you have 12 bottles of water Each bottle has a capacity of 750ml How many liters of water can the bottles hold?

12 bottles of water each hold a capacity of 750ml. how many liters of water can the bottles hold?

How many water bottles is 60oz?

About 4 of the regular sized water bottles.