Why is it good to be sad?


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Being sad is neither good or bad. It is a feeling. What we do with that feeling is the answer.


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Yes they are sad they not as good as Metallica

A good word meaning sad is melancholy.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite has sad parts.

Tell him why your sad trust is always good in a relationship

a good sad song for a dance solo is definitley, float away by Lindsay ray. its not that sad but i love it. and its perfect for like modern ballet

Depends how good your reason is: If it's not very good she will probably be mad. If it is good she would probably be a little sad but also mad if your the only one going but if your not, just a little sad.

try to comfort them, cant really give a good answer you werent really specific about WHY they were sad

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happy when your good sad when your bad

Charlie st. Cloud is a really good, sad movie. So is the last song and remember me!

Its very sad! I'm a strong person who doesn't cry and I almost started to get tears in my eyes. It is a good movie though, but very sad. I didn't think it was very sad but that is my opinion because the book was wayyy more sad.

No, because it's a really sad movie that will probably make you feel sad.

Chains is a good book, its sad but awesome at the same time.

Some books that are really good and sad are: My sister's keeper by Jodi Picoult, The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, and This Charming Man by Marian Keyes.

The song So Sad starts with the words "We used to have good times together, But now I feel them slip away. It makes me cry to see love die. So sad to watch good love go bad."

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a sad but good thing because you get to go to Heaven but sad because you leave your friends and family behind

Since SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is largely triggered by seasonal changes resulting in less light, it would indeed be good for someone with SAD to move to a sunny place. It would also be good for them to seek professional assistance, as with any psychological issue.

If you like a sad love story than yes it is good

yes he did get shot on good Friday it was a sad day

It depends how you define "good day". Perhaps you are depressed about the mundanity of your existance?

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