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It is important for children to learn phonetics because this will help them to speak easier and to recognize the words heard faster. Phonetics are also known as phonics.

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Q: Why is it important for children to learn phonetics?
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What do you study in phonetics?

Phonetics is the science studying the sounds of speech: it is all about the way you say things (articulatory phonetics), hear things (acoustic phonetics) and perceive what you hear (auditory phonetics). Studies in phonetics become increasingly important today, as they are central to speech recognition technology.

Why phonetics is important in learning language?

Phonetics is important because it helps you understand native speakers and learn proper pronounciation to be understood when you speak yourself. The easiest way to learn how to pronounce words correctly is hearing them repeatedly and trying to mimic that pronunciation. This Youtube blog has Pronunciation and Examples of English words & phrases @victoriaenglishace1008

What are the branches of phonetics?

There are three main branches of phonetics: i) Articulary Phonetics ii) Acoustic Phonetics iii) Auditory Phonetics

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Where can you find the exercises of phonetics?

Try Googling 'phonetics exercises' or 'exercises for phonetics'

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What is the scope of phonetics and phonology?

what is scope of phonetics

What is the subject-matter of phonetics?

The subject-matter of phonetics.

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