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Actually, electrons do have mass.

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Q: Why is it important for electrons to have no mass?
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What is the mass of a calcium ion when it loses 2 electrons?

Imperceptably less than one with its full compliment. Electrons are very important particles, but they have almost no mass of their own.

What is the most important factor in an elements place in the periodic table?

Its elemental weight

How is mass related to electrons?

because the electrons plus the nuetrons equal the mass

An element's atomic mass does not include the mass of its?

...electrons, as they account for a negligible mass relative to the atom as a whole (electrons make up 1/1840th of the total mass, to be precise).

What is the mass of 3 electrons?

depends on the electrons

Do electrons have mass?

Yes, electrons have a mass of 9.1094 X 10−31 kg.

When calculating an atoms approximate mass how is the mass of electrons figured?

electrons are the same as protons

Why mass of electrons is excluded from atomic mass?

The mass of electrons is not excluded from atomic mass. The mass number of an isotope of an element excludes electrons because it is the sum of protons and neutrons.From Wikipedia, "The atomic mass (ma) is the mass of a specific isotope, most often expressed in unified atomic mass units. The atomic mass is the total mass of protons, neutrons and electrons in a single atom."

What is the mass of an ion with 107 electrons?

electrons have negligible mass. the mass of the ion depends on how many protons and neutrons are present.

When bromine reacts with other elements it gains electrons gaining electrons does not effect the mass of the bromine atoms explain why?

electrons have no mass

Who has the smallest mass electrons protons or neutrons?

Of the neutron, proton, and electron, the electron has the smallest mass.

Protons and electrons have this?

Protons and electrons have mass and charge.