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There is going to be some amount of mental stress in anyone's life. Nobody lives a perfectly serene and untroubled existence. People who are unable or unwilling to deal with the mental stress that they experience, will become mentally ill.

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Q: Why is it important for people to deal with mental stress?
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Why is it important for people to learn to deal with stress?

It is important to learn to deal with stress, because life is often times difficult and stress is an inherent part of life. A buildup of stress can cause both physical, mental, and emotional problems and therefore people need to find a healthy way in which they can deal with it so that they can live their lives.

Why is it important to deal with stress?

If you don't deal with your stress then you could have either a mental breakdown or go completely insane, not much difference between the 2 though

Why is it important to deal with emotional stress?

because holding it in can leave you at risk for a mental breakdown, stress building up or stress related diseases such as heart attack, hair loss, ect.

Why it is important to learn to deal with social stress?

well im not exactly an expert but in my opinion its important to learn to deal with social stress because you dont want to exclude yourself from social activities such as ,new years , birthdays, school events,reward ceremonies ,sports ect. There are also benefits to over coming social stress like closer relationships ,better networking abilities , confidence and overall increased health and mental stability. thats why i think its important to learn to deal with social stress.

Why it is important to learn to deal with stress?

It is important to learn to deal with stress because stress raises your level of cortisol which in turn produces bad eicosanoids in your body. Also, signals your body to store FAT. Stress = Increase in Body Fat %

What negative and possible people deal with stress?

people who have boobs

Why is it important to deal with mental stress?

Mental stress can lead to depression and chemical imbalances of the brain , better to tackle the cause of the stress in its beginnings, or recognise the cause and deal accordingly rather than leaving till you are too ill to tackle. Then you become another easy target for the antideppressant pushers. Antis can be all good but handed out too freely and hard to give up. If youare under mental stress, first step is regognising, accepting, allowing yourself to rest and put yourself first. Once your mind is settled and you are back on track make desisions to remove the stress:) or remove yourself XX

How many percent of people in the US has stress?

Everyone does. Stress isn't something one can run away from. You have to deal with it everyday.

How do you handle stress and pressure at work?

Stress is important to me. It's motivates me to hard working. In a addition, I have to deal with the time in my daily life and time for working.

How do you deal with stress in our daily life?

The best way to deal with stress is to relax by doing things you love to do. Another way to deal with stress is to keep your temper. Losing your temper may cause you to stress more.

What is the definition of emotional and mental health?

Mental health is how well you deal with stress. Emotional health is how well you express your emotions.

Why is nutrition important when under stress?

Because nutrition gives the body fuel to help function properly, including regulating hormones that help ease stress. If the body is under further stress by starvation or lack of nutrition in some form like not enough protein or carbohydrates, that just gives it more strain to have to deal with on top of the physical symptoms of the stress and the mental stress itself. Having good nutrition helps coping with stress easier and gives you one less thing to have to worry about.

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