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Q: Why is it important for scientists to compare their observations?
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Why is it important that scientists conclusions are based on evidence?

They rely on there conclusions based on observations.

Is it important for scientists to state a conclusion?

It is important for scientists to state a conclusion in order to compare their hypothesis to the data that they observed.

Why is observations important to scientists?

Observation helps scientists gather an collect data, which without, their experiment(s) could not exist

Why is it important for scientists to make careful observations and to keep accurate record?

So They Can Have The Accurate Answers

How do scientists get information?

Scientists get information from research, observations, experiments, and other scientists.

How did scientists before the scientists revolution do their work?

Before the scientific revolution scientists would do mostly observations. These observations are what lead to the rise of patterns and the need for the scientific revolution.

What step helps scientists focus the purpose of an investigation?

using observations

What is a summary of a scientists' observations?

It would be a conclusion.

How do observations help scientists?

it form questions

Why should a scientist compare observations?

Any single observation may or may not be accurate. If you compare observations you can reduce the chance of observational error.

Why do scientists use hypothesis?

The scientific method is how scientists make an hypothesis to focus their observations.

What do scientists make to help them make a hypothesis and collect data?

Scientists make observations.