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If by "weak chemical bonds" you are referring to intermolecular attractions, which are weaker than chemical bonds, but still sufficiently strong enough to hold certain molecules together, then they are very important. DNA, for instance, forms itself into a double-helix shape, the structure of which is held together by the attraction between molecules. This attraction is not a bond (ionic or covalent); but it is an electrostatic binding, which forms a framework for this vital molecule.

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A weak chemical bond is a bond that does not require large amounts of energy to break. Ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds and van der Waals interactions are considered weak bonds.

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Q: Why is it important for these bonds to be weak?
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Weak bonds and strong bonds?

stong bonds are ionic bonds and covalent bonds and weak bonds are van der waals bonds and hydrogen bonds.

What type of connection is a weak bond between molecules?

Weak bonds help to determine and stabilize the shapes of molecules. I onic bonds, hydrogen bonds, and van der Waals interactions are considered weak bonds.

Bonds between particles are weak in?

the bonds between particles in a liquid are very weak

Why is it important for hydrogen bonds to be weak bonds instead of strong bonds?

"Individual hydrogen bonds are weak and easily broken; however, they occur in very large numbers in water and in organic polymers, creating a major force in combination. Hydrogen bonds are also responsible for zipping together the DNA double helix." -lumenlearning

Why weak bonds are important to living organisms?

Weak bonding forces, such as hydrogen bonding are essential to living organism because these bonds can be broken and re-made fairly easily. The two strands of DNA are held together in a double helix by hydrogen bonds.

Does salt have weak bonds?

No, it has strong bonds.

What are examples of an organism using weak chemical bonds?

There are several examples of an organism using weak chemical bonds. A couple are that these weak bonds are used to duplicate DNA and to process protein.

Does water molecules have weak bonds?

The hydrogen bonds between water molecules are weak bonds. They do not involve the sharing or transfer of electrons.

If a compound has an odor does it have a weak or strong bonds?

Assuming you mean intermolecular bonds, a strong odor means the bonds are weak, since molecules of the compound readily vaporize.

What is the weak chemical bonds important in holding the dna double helix together is the?

The chemical bond that holds the double helix together in DNA are the hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonds are the weakest making them perfect for DNA replication.

What distinguishes hydrogen bonds from covalent bonds?

Hydrogen bonds are betweem molecules and are weak forces.

Do metallic bonds have weak forces?

Metallic bonds are not so strong as covalent and ionic bonds.