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In order to continue an education at a college level it is important to know whether the credits you have earned will transfer platforms of education. An individual may, have to earn this credits back at their new institution, resulting in a loss of time, and money.

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Q: Why is it important to determine whether or not credits from an online degree will transfer to a traditional university?
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Can you transfer credits from south university online to traditional university?

Yes, South University is a regionally accredited private University. Their credits will transfer to most other regionally accredited colleges. Most colleges are regionally accredited.

Can your credits transfer from Walden University to any traditional university?

Yes. Walden University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association.

Can you transfer credit from Ashford University to a traditional college?

Yes you can...but not major course work only prerequisites

Can you transfer your college credits out of state?

You can if you completed the coursework through a regionally accredited college or university, which the traditional regionally accredited schools require.

Can you transfer your earned credit from Oakland community college to good university?

Yes, it is generally possible to transfer credits from Oakland Community College to a four-year university. However, the transferability of credits will depend on the specific policies and agreements between Oakland Community College and the university you plan to transfer to. It is important to check with both institutions to determine the transfer process and the eligibility of your credits.

Will a d transfer from university to university?

Most schools require a C or higher to transfer credit

Can you transfer credit hours from the University of phoenix to the University of Alabama?

You will have to talk to the people at the University of Alabama. They will have the specific rules for transfer of credits.

Can you transfer crdits from University of phoenix to University of Missouri?

You will have to talk to the people at the University of Missouri. They will have the specific requirements you must meet for the transfer of credits.

Are Phoenix online credits recognized by all colleges?

Be careful. Most UoP creidts WILL NOT transfer to traditional universities. Read UoP's "Transferability of Credits" disclosure. 1."Credits earned at University of Phoenix may not transfer to another educational institution." 2."The ability to transfer credits from University of Phoenix to another educational institutions may be very limited." 3."Your credits may not transfer and you may have to repeat courses previously taken at University of Phoenix if you enroll in another educational institution." See related link for reference.

Which online university should you choose?

Choosing an onine university is as important and often as complicated as choosing a physical university. You need to consider the degree you would like to receive and the requirements of each online university ( tuition, transfer credits, etc).

Do you have to have a degree to transfer to a university?


Can credits from America Public University transfer to traditional university?

I just found out the hard way that American Public University/American Military University are NOT Regionally Accredited. They are nationaly accredited. This means they are for profit colleges. Public and Private Universities will NOT accept credits from APU/AMU since they only accept Regional Accreditation.