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Because otherwise you would only know how to subtract and add with the same integers. Not a particularly useful skill unless just those integers turned up!


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it is important to learn how to add and subtract fractions because we can use it when a time comes , when we have our own business and others .

It is important only to learn a part of it. Nobody can ever learn the set because it is infinite. The se is used for counting and that is one of the very basic applications of mathematics.

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Come on, 129. Learn to subtract or use a calculator.

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it is important because you can learn about the past by studying the reamins of animlas from long ago it is important because you can learn about the past by studying the reamins of animlas from long ago it is important because you can learn about the past by studying the reamins of animlas from long ago

It's not. The important part is to learn how to use your brain to figure out why that happens.

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To understand the purposes producers are trying to achieve

1. Take the absolute values of those two integers.2. Find the difference.3. Determine which integer is the largest. If that integer is positive, then the answer is positive. If that integer is negative, then the answer is negative.

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