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Q: Why is it not easy to move an object from its static position?
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What is the of static electricity as charges move off an object?


What effect does friction have when you are trying to move an object at rest?

It provides static friction, so the object cannot move until the static friction is overcome.

Does applying a force always cause a change in position?

no... if a force is not great enough to overcome the static friction then the object will not move also if the force is directly perpendicular to the surface, provided its solid, the object is on it wont move

What is the result as static electricity charges move off an object?

As static electricity charges move off an object through a discharge, the object then becomes the same potential as the surrounding objects in the area.

What the forces are said to be if the object does not move?

Static force

The loss of static electricity as a charge move off an object?

The loss of static electricity as a charge moves off an object is known as an electro static discharge.

What are the forces said to be if the object does not move?

The forces are said to be static.

What is an example of being opposed by static friction?

When you move a heavy object, you must apply a lot of force before the heavy object begins to move. This resistance you feel while the box is NOT moving is static friction. Static friction opposes movement in an initially non-moving object.

When charging an object by conduction what happened to the charge an object?

Electrons move onto the object, giving it a static charge. Apex ;)

As soon as an object starts moving what replaces static friction?

Kinetic Friction replaces Static Friction when an object is in motion.

What do you do when If you want to change the position of an object?

You move it.

When electrons move from one object to another they become with static electricity?

They become charges