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Q: Why is it not essential to shield your hands from ultraviolet light?
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Can scorpions see in ultraviolet light?

No. They can not see in ultraviolet light. They are known to glow when exposed to ultraviolet light, though.

What does an ultraviolet telescope collect?

Ultraviolet light. That's why it's called so.

An example of a carcinogen would be ultraviolet light or benzene?

ultraviolet light.

Riboflavin is destroyed by?

as i know its destroyed by ultraviolet light

Atmospheric shield which protects from the sun?

The atmospheric shield which protects Earth from the radiation of the sun is the Earth's own magnetic field. Also, the ozone layer (O3 particles in the stratosphere) help to filter Ultraviolet light.

Who invented the ultraviolet light?

Johann Wilhelm Ritter invented ultraviolet light

What fly is not attracted to ultraviolet light?

Which flies is not highly attracted to Ultraviolet light

Is ultraviolet a type of light?

Yes, Ultraviolet is a blue/purple type of light that is florescent.

What mineral gives off ultraviolet light?

The mineral that gives of ultraviolet light is Quratz

What kind of light causes skin cancer?

Ultraviolet, or UV rays.

What is another name for ultraviolet light?

Ultraviolet light is also known as UV light. Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation wavelengths and is emitted in black lights, tanning lamps and sunlight.

What is a form of oxygen with three atoms insted of one?

Ozone (O3) and it plays a major role in protecting organisms on Earth by acting as a shield against ultraviolet light.