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Too many algae or plants will block sunlight, suffocating anything that lives below the surface. You need some plants or algae though, for oxygene production.

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Q: Why is it sop bad to have algae and plant growth in a lake?
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Are protists good or bad?

There are different protists which means that they will be good or bad depending on the species. Algae is a good protist while Apicomplexa is a bad one.

What would cause a plant to stop growing?

Plant Growth decreases if you don't have enough nutrients. You should test your soil to make sure you have enough nutrients. Also the temperature effects the growth. If it is to cold then the plant can die. Plants wilt if they don't have enough water.

Can you summarize the role of algal blooms in disrupting the equilibrium in an aquatic ecosystem?

An algal bloom or marine bloom or water bloom is a rapid increase in the population of algae in an aquatic system. Algal blooms may occur in freshwater as well as marine environments. Typically only one or a few phytoplankton species are involved and some blooms may be recognized by discoloration of the water resulting from the high density of pigmented cells. Although there is no officially recognized threshold level, algae can be considered to be blooming at concentrations of hundreds to thousands of cells per milliliter, depending on the causative species. Algal bloom concentrations may reach millions of cells per milliliter. Colors observed are green, yellowish-brown, or red. Bright green blooms may also occur. These are a result of blue-green algae, which are actually bacteria (cyanobacteria). Some algal blooms are the result of an excess of nutrients (particularly phosphorus and nitrogen) into waters and higher concentrations of these nutrients in water cause increased growth of algae and green plants. As more algae and plants grow, others die. This dead organic matter becomes food for bacteria that decompose it. With more food available, the bacteria increase in number and use up the dissolved oxygen in the water. When the dissolved oxygen content decreases, many fish and aquatic insects cannot survive. This results in a dead area.

Do potato chips help plant growth?

Potato chips are a highly salted food, and as such they would bad for most plants, which do better in soil that is not too salty. And even those plants which are tolerant of salt, would derive little benefit from potato chips, which contain little of the minerals that help plant fertility.

How do bad odor help a plant to survive?

Bad odor is a defence mechnism in plants to keep away the insects and pests.

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Why is algae growth bad?

Too much algae can reduce oxygen in water. This can cause many fish to die.

What type of plant is a burl growth?

A burl growth plant is a type of plant that has grown with a deformed grain. When it is sawn through the planks made would have defects in them and be classed as bad timber products.

Babbs Mill Lake a very dirty and smelly lake?

No. Not really. Has suffered from blue/green algae in the past which has had to be dredged out. That stinks when it rots. Also can't be too bad as there is an abundance of wildlife including Kingfishers in and around the lake.

Does sugarwater affect plant growth?

yes it does if you add to wuch sugar water it will cause osmosis and this is bad for the plant. Your plant will not grow and become weak.

How does caffeine effect the growth of a bean plant?

their are some myth that caffeine can affect plants bad or good

Is algae good?

It depends where the algae is growing. In swimming pools, algae is bad. It makes the water green and is hard on the filter system. It can cause leaks and wear and tear on pool liners. In nature, a biologically balanced amount of algae is good. It provides food and shelter for fish and other aquatic life. If it is unbalanced, it can be very bad. Too much algae suffocates the lake or pond where it is located. It uses up nutrients and prevents light from filtering down through the lake.

What is the difference in the effects of the growth of plants based on using salt water in one plant and tap water for the other plant for a time period of two weeks?

The salt water will die the plants bad nutrients and bad chemicals and it will kill the plant. The tap water chemicals will not affect the growth of the plant. It might not work as well as distilled water because there is chlorine in it but it is fine

Why is the use of too much phosphorus -rich fertilizers bad for the environment?

Because whatever that doesn't get picked up by the plants will eventually wash out into the sea where it can cause excess growth of algae and other stuff.

Is pleco food bad for goldfish?

Plecos' are algae eaters (basically vegetarians). Goldfish are plant, insect, crustacea and fish eaters. (basically omnivourous). What do you think? Work it out!

Is it bad when coral loses the algae?

Yes, because algae provide coral reef with nutrients

How does oil spills affect duckweed growth?

Oil spills are very bad for Duckweed growth. This is because duckweed need oxygen and oil spills keep oxygen from reaching the plant.

Is redbull bad for plants?

The caffeine in redbull may be good, but the rest of the ingredients may stunt the growth or even kill the plant.