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Most likely, the body is producing urine at a faster rate because it is excited and all systems are working faster. Then, after ejaculation, the guy is relaxed and notices that he needs to pee, so he does. Some believe that peeing after sex helps both guys and girls avoid urinary tract infections by flushing irritants out of the urethra.

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Q: Why is it that guys always have to urinate after they ejaculate?
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What are the two function of the penis?

To urinate and have intercourse (ejaculate)

Where do men urinate out of?

Men have this thing called a penis. That's what they urinate out of. It is also their sex organ that they ejaculate out of.

Can guys feel when they pre-ejaculate?


Fiancee says he can feel when he pre-ejacultes and always pulls out can he feel the pre-ejaculate fluid you both are not trying to have a baby right now but can he really feel when he pre-ejaculates?

the smell Possibly, he may feel it as you feel when you urinate and ejaculate so why not then.

Does sperm travel through the urethra?

Yes, it does. Under normal conditions, a man will only be able to urinate. But when he is sexually aroused enough, his body will 'switch gears,' so to speak, and allow him to ejaculate. But he can't have the ability to urinate and ejaculate at the same time.

Do girls like it when guys ejaculate on their face?


Do guys feel when the pre-ejaculate?

yes at least i do

Why do male goats urinate on their faces?

They don't urinate. They ejaculate. It's done to spread their pheromones over a wider area to attract more females. Gross, but it has a purpose.

Does pre-ejaculate causes pregnancy?

Yes, pre-ejaculate can result in pregnancy. Pre-ejaculate itself doesn't contain sperm, but if the man ejaculates and doesn't urinate sperm can remain in the urethra and thus be carried along by the pre-ejaculate. Although the number of sperm that could be in pre-ejaculate are only small compared to how many are in ejaculate, there is still a risk of pregnancy.

Does pre-ejaculate stop at a any age?

No, men always pre-ejaculate when and if they can.

Why do you have a hole in your foreskin?

Your foreskin tore and needs to be repaired or removed. in order to urinate and ejaculate.

Does girls also ejaculate liquid like boys during sex?

yes, girls too ejaculate liquid like guys do. girl ejaculate only at extreme sex

Can a woman urinate with a penis inside of her?

yes she can, but while a guy is either hard or about to ejaculate (i cant remember which) he cannot

Is it bad to always need to urinate?

It isn't healthy to have an urge to urinate constantly. You should see a doctor.

When you ejaculate does sperm always come out in the semen?


What is the probability of being pregnant if the man didn't enter and did not ejaculate but was against the women?

If he didn't ejaculate, then there isn't a chance of impregnation. There is always a chance but it is very low. You can get pregnant from pre-ejaculate !

Can guys pee with a hardon?

Having a hardon (erection) can make it difficult to pee (urinate). How difficult is different from person to person. There is no physical reason why you should not be able to, only a mental one of being able to relax the muscles that control the bladder. The other problem of urinating with a hardon is being able to direct it in the right direction and this depends on the angle of your erection. You might find that you need to sit on the toilet and lean forwards. Men with a erection the points upwards will find the most difficulty in aiming at the toilet. However, is not easy to urinate just before or after you ejaculate. Part of the normal process when you ejaculate involves closure of the bladder neck. The bladder neck closes so that semen does not go backwards into the bladder. The closure of the bladder neck will make it very difficult to urinate for several minutes after you ejaculate, even if you have a full bladder.

Do all guys have pre-ejaculate?

yes, in various amounts but its always there!Yes, whenever they get the chance - and sometimes even if they have no chance.It's all part of the process.

Can you get pregnant if he doesn't finish in you?

Yes, there is always pre-ejaculate.

Urination wash out the sperm from pre-ejaculate?

Urination does NOT wash sperm away because women urinate and have intercourse from different places. Please be responsible and always use a condonm before ANY vaginal intercourse that is not intended to cause pregnancy.

Why do guys have penises?

So They Can Urinate And Also So They Can Inject The Penis Into The Vagina To Produce A Baby.

Did you guys mean what you guys said?

not always

You have skinny penis your foreskin doesnot fold much is it makes diffult during fertilization?

Not at all. You ejaculate sperm for fertilization. so long as the end of your penis is clear and you can urinate you will also be able to ejaculate. You can remedy the foreskin problem with foreskin stretching exercises.

How do you stop Pre-ejaculate?

You don't. For those guys who produce it, not everyone does, it is just part of the process of sex.

Why do some guys pre-ejaculate so much?

Every person's body is different in some ways.