Why is leaving lights on bad?

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because, not only will it cost you money, it is also proven that if at night it is dark (No lights on) you could see the stars and maybe the milkyway Some research suggests that it can be a cause to breast cancer.
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When is the abuse bad enough to leave?

You are experiencing severe emotional and verbal abuse. You shouldleave him now. - the sooner the better. Since physical abuse can beclose behind verbal, you should take yourself and the children to asafe place without notice to him. All the other stuff can be sortedout later. If he travels, it is e ( Full Answer )

Does the light leave your eyes when you die?

As I understand, the reason that the light appears to leave your eyes is because your eyes are no longer living, they 'reset' to a dilated position and the blood leaves them. The rods and cones are no longer active, so there is no more reflected light coming off of them. This gives them the appearan ( Full Answer )

Why is it bad to leave home at sixteen?

You haven't graduated from high school, which means you probably aren't going to make more than minimum wage for most of your life. . You don't have the income to support yourself, to pay for insurance, food, clothing, housing, vehicle and other necessities. . You aren't mature enough to make good ( Full Answer )

Is it bad to leave condoms in your wallet?

They won't last as long with all the constant strain you will put on it by sitting on it. heat, pressure, etc. Mine usually end up a little deformed in my wallet so I'll throw it away after about 3 months.

Is infrared light bad for you?

Like everything else, in moderation it's not a problem. Intense IR causes heating, which in turn cna cause burns, hyperthermia, etc. However, in the amounts you're likely to encounter, no -- no problem at all.

Why green lights are bad for plants?

There is a reason why plants appear green. Inside a plant, the plastid chloroplast contains green pigment that reflects green light. This means that plants do not use green lights in large amounts (there are some other plastids that uses the color green, but there are few in number). So when you giv ( Full Answer )

Is crystal light bad for you?

Look at it like this... What throws off crystal lite is that it is "Convenient". How could something be sugar free and add flavor? They use a sweetener. Ok what sweetener is extreamly sweet and does not require much.... hmmm aspartame? Its cheap and sweeter than sugar... HEY isent aspartame in ( Full Answer )

How are light bulbs bad for the earth?

They are bad for global warming! They waste electricity! They can cause fires and explosions! Although light bulbs are helpful, they are also bad for the earth.

IS it bad to leave a game in your Ps3?

Just sitting there? No. On or off, it should not be bad. It only spins the disc when needed. However, if you plan on moving or transporting the PS3, take out the disc just as a precaution to damaging the mechanism with a bump.

Do you leave the light on in the fish tank?

if i were you i would leave the light on during the day and turn the light off when you go to bed. This reason is during the day, like in the wild the sun which in this case is the light warms up the water, and then at night when the sun goes down the water cools off!

Do lighting bugs eat leaves?

I'm thinking lightning bugs are the same bugs as box elder bugs. They eat almost any kind of leaf.

Is it bad to leave a splinter?

Yes. If it is very deep in the skin it may get swollen or infected. Please take it out with sterilized tweezers!

Why shouldn't you light leaves on fire?

When you light leaves on fire, there is a very high possibility that they will fly away and set any and everything around it on fire, too.. Answer: . In some places, it's against the law to burn leaves.(especially at certain times of the year)

Leave the light on?

I assume the questioner here is really asking the question "Is it more efficient to leave a light on vs. turning it off. There has been a longtime myth that it takes as much energy to turn a light on as it does to run that same light for a day. This is just a myth. To understand exactly why th ( Full Answer )

What is bad about halogen light?

The light is fine, but the bulbs get extremely hot. They cannot be placed near anything flamable.

My rabbit loves leaves is it bad for him?

That depends on what types of leaves he is eating. Many are perfectly fine and won't hurt him at all, though may be of limited nutritional value. In the wild, they eat lots of greens and leafy fauna in the spring and dried grass and leaves later in the year. They are sometimes forced to even eat b ( Full Answer )

What are the bad effects of light?

Natural lighting has few negative effects unless a person has migraines or a seizure disorder. Some allergy sufferers cannot stand light from even a 25-watt bulb. Also, some people become photosensitive if their contact lens have scratched the cornea of the eye. Some people also cannot tolerate halo ( Full Answer )

Is leaving shampoo on your hair bad?

No it is not please try it sometime. try to wash your hair frequently with cold water and dont miss out any parts if your hair! yes because it could make your hair oily and it could physically damage it zenon

Can the battery be bad if the lights are working?

Yes... there could be sufficient charge to power the lights or other minor power consuming devices but still have insufficient power to engage the starter. Best bet is to take the battery to an auto parts store and have checked.

How do leaves absorb light?

Plants make food in their leaves. The leaves contain a pigment called chlorophyll, which colours the leaves green. Chlorophyll can make food the plant can use from carbon dioxide, water, nutrients, and energy from sunlight . This process is called photosynthesis. When sunlight is present, chlorop ( Full Answer )

How does light leave the sun?

Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum of energy, and is transmitted in the form of photons. The photons are generated by the process of nuclear fusion, which fuses hydrogen into helium and gives off huge amounts of energy as a by-product, within the sun (or any star). The photons radiate a ( Full Answer )

Is light pollution good or bad?

Light pollution is bad because it obscures the night sky, which prevents astronomers from seeing very distant stars, and it can also disrupt someone's sleep cycles - as in a large city, city lights can easily enter someone's house.

Are broccoli leaves bad for bunnies?

no However, given his free will a rabbit will not choose to eat broccoli leaves but rather head for carrot tops, celery and lettuce. Too many broccoli leaves could be too gassy for your bunny. Remember give treats in moderation only.

No engine light on but bad idle?

If you drive an older car that has a carburetor, it could be that you need an adjustment to it. Your engine could be misfiring, but the engine light doesn't come on. You should take the car to a local mechanic, because it might need a tuneup.

Why is ultraviolet light bad?

Because it does not straighten its room or do its homework, and it often behaves with disrespect toward its elders.

How do you leave bad friends that leave you out?

Slowly start to hang out with other friends and they will get the message that you don't really want to hang otu with them! Or you could always fake a fight that they will think is real... the only problem with this is you guys might get back together after this cool down. But you can always refuse ( Full Answer )

How do you leave bad friends?

To leave bad friends you can delete them from Facebook, Myspace, Phonezoo..etc..etc.. your phone it doesn't matter. Cut of all comunication lines with them. and maybe they will get the picture. If not just be like " I'm sorry but I cant be your friend anymore, You guys get me in trouble ( or just sa ( Full Answer )

Is it bad to leave out corn mush?

It should not be a problem. In the old days people would cook a pot of corn mush and leave it on the table all day long. As long as it's covered, of course, so insects don't get in it!

What happens to light when it leaves a source?

Light is invisible until the light hits a suface. So when the light leaves the light source (say a lightbulb)the light will travel in the air as a invisible ray and will show up as soon as an object crosses the path of the invisible ray of light.

Why do schools leave lights on at night?

Schools and public buildings leave the lights on for security reasons. If the lights are off then the cameras won't pick up or have a good visual of the suspect or anyone that's not suppose to be there in other words this is called trespassing. If the lights are on anyone that drives by would be abl ( Full Answer )

How long to leave light on for Goldfish?

Goldfish do not need their tank light on for more than 6 hours. Unless you have a lot of live plants in your tank, leaving the light on for a long time will result in an increase in algae in your tank. If you begin to see an algae bloom, then you're best to leave the light off for several days.

Do you leave an iguana's light on at night?

It depends on how cold it gets at night in your home. If it gets below 62 degrees, then use one of the red bulb heat lights for nighttime in a lesser wattage.

Is it bad to have light green vomit?

Nah. Usually it's the color of whatever you ate before. But it might be mucus if you have a cold or are sick. Cause of drainage. If its black you might wanna check that out.

What is so bad about leaving the lights on?

It wastes electricity. Most electricity comes from burning fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas causing global warming. So maybe turn the lights off.

How are leaves adapted to absorb light?

The leaf has a large surface area on the outside and inside of the leaf for maximum absorption of sunlight. On the surface of the leaf, the epidermis is clear like a window to allow light in. The cells within the leaf, the mesophyll, is arranged with a palisade layer vertical to the surface of the l ( Full Answer )

Why is it bad to leave animals in vehicles?

In many states it is against the law to leave an unattended animal in a car. The animal could die because of weather conditions or be taken from the vehicle.

How does light affect the color of leaves?

The way any color of anything, including leaves, shows up, has todo with its physical makeup on how it reflects light. For example,a green leaf is unable to absorb green light, so it bounces thatlight off, and therefor it appears green.