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because, not only will it cost you money, it is also proven that if at night it is dark (No lights on) you could see the stars and maybe the milkyway Some research suggests that it can be a cause to Breast cancer.

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Q: Why is leaving lights on bad?
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How much energy do you waste leaving on lights?

It depends on how many lights you leave on and how bright they are. Just think of it as leaving the water running or something.

Why do marker lights stay on?

If they stay on for a short time after leaving the car on a new vehicle, that is normal. If they car is older or the lights just stay on, it is one of a few things. 1. The parking lights were left on. 2. The light switch is bad 3. There is a short in the wiring to the lights.

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A lot

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By Anthropogenic activity. (not me) By leaving on lights. (me) By leaving on the TV whilst you are on the PC or not in the room. (me)

What can make a battery drain when car is not running?

mainly leaving your lights on when the engine is of or leaving the keys in the ignition

Can leaving lights on only in the rooms you are moving between save energy?

Turning lights off saves energy.

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bad wireing or your insterment panel dimmer switch is bad

Battery is dead when accidentally leaving lights on?

normal just recharge it

Battery running down overnight on 2004 buick ulyra?

Lights/radio/etc. left on, door not properly closed or faulty door switch (leaving interior lights on), an alternator or starter leaking current. And probably a bad start of the day.

Why do you have High Beams Lights But No Low Beams Lights on my 1993 Chevy Van?

Bad bulbs Bad dimmer switch

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The headlights could have bad bulbs or a bad fuse; the two sets of lights are on different circuits.

Will your lights come on if your alternator is bad?


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by leaving past it's expiery date or leaving it out of the fridge too long

Have a problem with Grand Cherokee 1996 rear tail lights are off all other lights working?

If parking and dash lights work: Maybe bad bulbs (double filamented) Bad socket? Bad ground circuit?

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Plug the "string of lights" into the power point. If a particular light does not come on, then it is "bad".

What drains a brand new battery on a 4 wheeler so fast?

leaving the lights on or if you keep the key in it like i do you might be leaving the key on.

Why is artificial light bad for you?

Why are artificial lights bad for you? The reason. They are strictly not natural.

Why would a 1990 Honda Civic running lights go out when the brake lights come on?

The running lights have a bad ground.