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The left side of the body is not a mirror image of the right side. Dimensional differences are normal. Also, you might simply be lying on your left side...check that first.

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not all are, but then again I have never measured them with a micrometer...

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It's normal, their is nothing to worry about, the majority of men have one or the other testicle hang lower.

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Q: Why is left testis lower than right testis?
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Why is the left testis specifically lower than the right testis anatomically?

because the right one produces milk and the left one produces yogurt.

You are 23 years old you have the habit of mastrubation since along while your right testis very lower than left does it seems any disease symptom?

This is actually normal for one teste to hang lower than the other one to reduce friction which causes heat and causes a lower sperm count.

Your right testis is smaller than the left one can it affect your fertility?

It is normal for one testicle to be slightly smaller than the other. The difference in size does not affect fertility.

What is the most likely cause for the left front of the vehicle is higher than the right front and the right rear is lower than the left rear?

sagging right rear spring

What are the lower two chambers of heart called?

The lower two chambers of the heart are the ventricles. The left ventricle is larger, with thicker walls, than the right ventricle.

Name the upper and lower chambers in the heart?

The lower (ventricles) are muscular and the valves can seal both openings. The upper (atria) are significantly weaker and are not sealed at the venous portal. Both left sides are thicker and stronger than the right (systemic pressure is much higher than pulmonary).

Why is the right kidney slightly lower than the left because of the large area occupied by the?


What is wrong with your right ear?

I'm pretty sure it's lower than the left one.

Why is the left ureter longer than the right?

The right ureter is lower (liver) so the right ureter is shorter. right?

Your right testis is a little bit larger than the other one may this effect your fertility?

wat wat

Is the front right lower control arm different than the front left lower control?

On most vehicles they are mirror images of each other.

You are 14 and you dont think you have hit puberty your left testis is lower than the other you occasionally get pains in your back testis and abdomen you have been to the doctor twice he says is ok?

I have found that when a person has to return to the doctor for an issue that the doctor keeps saying is okay but that you're still worried about, it's time to see a different doctor and get a second opinion, if only for your own peace of mind.